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Published on March 29, 2022

Susan Kusnitz


Ashley Rogers

For as long as I can remember, I was interested in nursing. While I didn’t make it my chosen career until I was in my 50s, I’m so happy I did. I’m equally glad for Cone Health in helping make my transition as rewarding and fulfilling as I could hope. When I was earning my nursing degree at Guilford Technical Community College, I participated in the Residency and Extern Program. I can’t begin to tell you how invaluable that training has been to me. Not only was I able to experience patient care first-hand by shadowing other nurses, but I also received an education in the importance of team culture. All the people I observed and assisted were so supportive and encouraging. They truly made me feel like I belonged and never once hesitated to answer my questions or take extra time with me. And you know what? That support never stops. I'm an RN now on the Med-Surg floor of Wesley Long Hospital and the relationships I've built continue to this day. Believe me, the Cone Health promise to be “right here with you” is real.