Where This Info Goes

  • This form will not post to individual location pages. A system-wide message will be posted to the conehealth.com homepage that patients will be contacted by their provider regarding any changes to appointments. An additional message will be posted on the weather information page directing patients who have a question about the status of an appointment at a Cone Health facility, to contact their provider directly. Individual location page alerts will be added for extended closures or significant changes to hours/operations.
  • Cone Health Urgent Care location closings or hours changes will be posted as alerts on their individual location pages and the weather information page.
  • Class cancellations or system-wide weather info will be posted as necessary to the conehealth.com homepage.
  • This form will not post to local TV or other media websites. Submitting closings to the TV stations is no longer recommended since consumers are more likely to go to the web for closings information and do not sit through endless scrolls and tickers on the TV.

Cone Health Closing, Delay or Cancellation Submissions

Please submit your department, office or practice closing/delay or class cancellation on the form below.

Submission Tips

  • Please don't use abbreviations.
  • Be sure to change the greeting on your practice voicemail in addition to filling out this form.
  • DO NOT use this for holiday closings.  Please use the practice update form and put information about ALL holiday closings and hours in the applicable field.