Current & Alumni Fellows

Current Fellows

Chris Logan

Chris Logan, MBA

Chris Logan is originally from Forest City, North Carolina. Chris earned a B.S. in Management from Winston-Salem State University and Master of Business Administration from High Point University. During his undergraduate program he served as a research assistant in the WSSU Center of Excellence for Eliminating Health Disparities. Chris began his career in sales and customer services at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. He took his branch at Enterprise Rent-A-Car to a ranking of first in customer service out of 26 regional locations. The team led by Chris generated sales of $1.1 million in revenue in a 12-month period. Under his leadership he supported 31 direct reports resulting in 14 team member promotions. During his graduate studies, he served as a strategist for TLBurton and Associate Research Center. Chris strategically recruited 10 research associates and leveraged associates’ skill sets to optimize productivity and efficiency in data collection, marketing, and networking.  During his tenure, Chris spearheaded a re-branding campaign for a local behavioral health treatment center by improving marketing strategies, branding and imagery, and networking techniques. 

Alumni Fellows

Name Years of Fellowship Graduate Program Current Position
Jon DeYoung* 2019-2021 University of Minnesota (MHA) Assistant Director, Health Equity
Rachel Marquez* 2018-2020 Grand Canyon University (MPH) Director, Transportation Services
Kaitlyn Nease* 2017-2019 University of Iowa (MHA) Assistant Director, Organizational Culture
Cynthia White* 2016-2018 UNC-Chapel Hill (MHA) Quality Improvement Facilitator
Jasmin Hainey* 2015-2017 UNC-Chapel Hill (MHA) Assistant Director, Operational Effectiveness
Katie Danner* 2014-2016 UNC-Chapel Hill (MHA) Practice Administrator, Oncology
Jenna Willingham 2012-2014 University of Memphis (MHA) Innovation Project Specialist, Mission Health
Robert Hensley 2012-2014 University of Kentucky (MHA) Director of Strategic Projects, Baptist Health
Chris Brown* 2011-2012 University of Alabama at Birmingham (MSHA) Vice President, Cone Health Medical Group 
Jeremy Deaver* 2010-2012 University of North Texas (MBA) Executive Director, Neurology Operations 
Mario Singleton, MBA/MHA 2010-2012 Pfeiffer University (MBA/MHA) N/A
Robert Hickling* 2008-2010 UNC-Chapel Hill (MHA) Executive Director of Orthopedics, Neurosciences, & Trauma
Jordan Cash 2006-2008 University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (MHA) President, INTEGRIS Baptist Regional Health Center, Miami
Rebekah Driggers* 2005-2007 Wake Forest University School of Business (MBA) Director, Physician Recruitment
Shayla Higginbotham 2003-2004 UNC-Chapel Hill (MHA) Operations Manager, Deloitte
Deno Adkins* 2003-2005 Georgia State University (MBA/MHA) Vice President, Ambulatory Network
Kalley Sadler 1999-2001 Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis (MHA) Director, Cancer Education/Business Development, Baptist Saint Anthony’s Health System
Kristen Yntema 1999-2001 Xavier University (MBA/MHA) CEO, Hospice and Palliative Care of Greensboro

(*) indicates that the Fellow is currently employed at Cone Health.

Fellowship Testimonials

How has the Cone Health Administrative Fellowship Program helped you grow as a healthcare professional?

“The Administrative Fellowship Program at Cone Health exposed me to many different facets of healthcare. The two-year program gave me time to understand the complexities of a health system, work on meaningful projects, and find my passion before graduating and finding an area of focus.”

“The Cone Health Administrative Fellowship provided me a new lens through which to view how and why decisions are made throughout our health system for our patients, staff and community.  The breadth and depth of exposure to service lines and key operating units across the health system allowed me to explore my personal career interests and develop skill sets that have made me a more well-rounded leader.”

“I personally feel that I received about 10 years-worth of experience and learning in the two years that I was a Fellow. The scope and diversity of projects that I was exposed to helped me understand the most effective leadership techniques to produce great results. Even more valuable were the insights and coaching I received from the senior leadership team that helped refine me both as a leader and as a human being.” 

Based on your experience, why would you recommend the Cone Health Administrative Fellowship Program to potential applicants? 

“First, the vision and the culture. Cone Health aspires to be one of the best health systems in the US by always doing the right thing for patients and employees – being a part of this is inspiring. Second, the Cone Health Fellowship is two years, which provides enough time to build relationships, earn trust of senior leadership, and be able to work on significant projects. Cone Health invests in the Fellowship in order to develop future leaders of the organization and the high retention rate of former fellows still working in the organization is proof of that intent.”

“The Fellowship allows you to see how a very large and progressive health care system is operated from the top to the bottom.  You get to see how all the departments are connected and intertwined, which gives the Fellow the opportunity to see what he or she may, or may not be interested in doing.  With the ever-changing landscape of health care, the Fellowship also gives the opportunity to sit in on discussions at the senior executive level. I think it makes you well-rounded in your view of healthcare, while allowing you to be a part of something much bigger than yourself.”

“The access to learning, mentors, projects, board leadership and community involvement makes the Cone Health Administrative Fellowship, without a doubt, one of the best Fellowship Programs in the country.”