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For more information about Clinical Pastoral Education, call (336) 538-7475. We are located in the Grand Oaks Center on the hospital campus.

Clinical Pastoral Education at Cone Health Alamance Regional

The Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program based at Cone Health-Alamance Regional in Burlington, NC is accredited by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education Inc., Decatur, GA, (ACPE) and recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Post-Secondary Education as an Accredited Center. Our program offers CPE at Levels I and II through a One-year Residency and an Extended Summer Intern unit.

What is CPE?

CPE Program Alamance

CPE is interfaith professional education for ministry for:

  • Theological students
  • Ordained clergy (pastors, priests, rabbis, imams and others)
  • Members of religious orders
  • Qualified lay persons and helping professionals 

Students provide help to people in crisis situations while being supervised.

How CPE Works

Out of an intense involvement with these persons and the feedback from peers, teachers and supervisors, students develop new awareness of themselves and responsiveness to the needs of those to whom they provide care. Students are challenged to improve the quality of their pastoral relationships.

We believe that authentic, sensitive and compassionate pastoral relationships are enhanced through pastoral encounters, written case studies, didactic presentations, professional reading, critical reflection and individual supervision. By critically reflecting on challenging circumstances from a wide diversity of perspectives, students can expand their understanding about human suffering, integrate their theology or spirituality with life experience, and develop their capacity to be a healing presence.

Where We Serve

Guided by the mission and values of Cone Health, the Pastoral Care and Counseling Department is committed to providing a Clinical Pastoral Education program of excellence. We offer interdisciplinary opportunities for learning and ministry in the following areas:

  • Behavioral health services
  • Cardiology
  • Emergency department services
  • Intensive care unit
  • Neuroscience
  • Oncology (inpatient and outpatient services)
  • Palliative care
  • Vascular medicine
  • Women’s health services

In addition to these hospital-based areas of care, we also offer community-based clinical assignments. We also include a patient's family and medical staff in our circle of care.

Our CPE program at Cone Health-Alamance is unique in that Residents also work with employee assistance counselors within the department through ICT (Interdisciplinary Care Teams). A chaplain and therapist can work together on projects in and outside the hospital setting.

Program Offerings

I. 12-month Residency Program in Pastoral Care:

  • Prerequisites: (1) One completed and ACPE accredited unit of CPE. (2) Ordained, licensed, commissioned clergy person or licensed helping professional.
  • Recommended: Earned M.Div. (or equivalent) from an ATS accredited institution.
  • Dates: January of the current year and ending in mid-January of the following year.
  • Number of Positions: Five stipend positions.

II. Summer Extended Intern Unit.

Prerequisites: Earned B.A./B.S. from a Regionally Accredited college or university

  • Recommended: One to two years of theological, religious, or equivalent studies at the bachelor’s and/or graduate level.
  • Dates: Late May/Early June through mid-September. Students must be present at the beginning of the unit for all orientation sessions. This includes mandatory EPIC computer training (4 hours); on-call shadowing opportunities, and at least 1-3 days of orientation the first week of the unit. See basic unit requirements below.
  • Positions: Six Summer Intern positions. Non-paid positions.
  • Basic Unit Requirements:
  • A minimum of 100 education hours (group and individual).
  • A minimum of 300 clinical hours (hours of clinical care provided in the clinical setting).
  • One full or two half days of group education weekly and one hour of supervision (most weeks).
  • Serve 24 hour on-call (on-site) clinical chaplain duties (minimum of 4 per month, includes some weekends).
  • 8-10 hours per week of routine clinical chaplaincy care on-site.
  • Students must complete all education assignments (reflection papers, verbatim, evaluations, weekly hours, student stats, clinical documentation) and pay their unit program fees in order to receive credit for the unit.
  • Education involves reading and written assignments, unit projects, peer group process work and participation in didactic sessions.

Additional Requirement Information for Residents:

  • The Residency position is a full-time, stipend position and one that requires a significant contribution of time and emotional availability.
  • Engagement with Departmental Staff in monthly departmental meetings, Inter-Disciplinary Team projects and initiatives.
  • Community Clinical placement assignment outside the hospital.

Program Fees

Application fee: $25 non-refundable (for all programs).


I. Residency Year: $450 per unit/3 units (Please note that there is an “Acceptance Fee” of $50 for the Resident Program. This fee is applied to the total tuition, and is non-refundable.)

II. Summer Extended Intern Unit:
$450 (Please note that there is an “Acceptance Fee” of $50 for the Intern Program. This fee is applied to the total tuition, and is non-refundable.)

Application Procedure

Residency – 12 months – January to January

While the program accepts ACPE applications throughout the year, the process for applying is two-pronged. Applicants submit a completed ACPE application [DOC] and the Agreement to Circulate [PDF] to the Pastoral Care and Counseling Department. Beginning in August of each year until *November 1st applicants may apply for the CPE positions through the Cone Health careers website. Our Talent Acquisition team will contact applicants regarding the application for the position online. Once contacted by Talent Acquisition, applicants must submit ACPE materials by *November 1st (if not already submitted earlier) for consideration for the upcoming residency year beginning in January. Face to face interviews will begin as early as October, so it is advisable to apply before the November 1st deadline.

The Pastoral Care and Counseling department then selects candidates for in-person interviews and offers positions for residency by mid to late November.

*subject to extension

Mail ACPE applications to:

Pastoral Care and Counseling

Attn: Suzanne Franklin-Kent

CPE Coordinator

PO Box 202

Burlington, NC 27216

Email ACPE applications to:

Please direct any inquiries about our CPE programs via email to:

Summer Extended Intern Unit – late May/early June through mid-September

Summer Intern applications come directly to the Pastoral Care and Counseling Department through the address and/or email provided above. There is no need to apply on-line.

All students accepted to the CPE program are required to sign a Use of Clinical Materials Consent Form prior to formal admission. Failure to sign the consent form will prohibit students from participating in the unit of CPE.

This program is accredited by the Association of Clinical Pastoral Education Inc., One West Court Square, Suite 325, Decatur, GA 30030. Telephone: 404-320-1472; FAX (404) 320-0849; Email: and by the United States Department of Education, Washington, DC.

Cone Health also offers a CPE program based at Moses Cone Hospital in Greensboro, North Carolina.