Bryan Hess, DO

Class of 2016

What are you up to now?

I'm a sports medicine physician in the University of Pittsburgh Medical System network, seeing non-operative orthopedics. I'm originally from south central PA and moved back here after residency/fellowship training.

What did you like about our residency program?

Residency is a time of major adjustment for each person. I was fortunate that Cone made this adjustment as seamless as possible, both with the culture change of moving to the South, as well as with my learning. I visited countless places for residency interviews, and every program would say "our program is a family." While I'm sure many programs do have this atmosphere, Cone truly offered me a sense of family during residency, fellowship, and post-graduation. While interviewing for sports medicine fellowship programs, I was fortunate to visit some of the top programs across the country. At Cone, the strong learning and family atmosphere offered in residency translates directly into fellowship training. In the end, it continued to be my perfect learning/growing environment. Unlike many large institutions, residents and fellows have opportunities to learn directly from attendings while performing an expansive list of procedures that normally would be available only to the senior resident or fellow. Cone’s ability to offer learning directly from top-notch specialists while obtaining an outstanding family medicine foundation is second to none. The continued support I receive from Cone Health's residency and sports medicine fellowship confirms my decision to become part of the lifelong Cone family.

In what ways did our program prepare you for life after residency?

Cone taught me how to take the knowledge learned in classrooms and on rotations, and translate that knowledge into all aspects of clinical medicine. The residency program provides independence while offering the support needed to be able to grow as a person and a physician. As a practicing physician, I have been able to deduce specific diagnoses that have been missed by other physicians or specialists. I truly believe this is a direct reflection of the Cone program's ability to teach you to think outside of the box.