Internal Medicine Residency Conferences

Bedside Rounds on Inpatient Medicine “B” Service

    The Internal Medicine Programs offers a wide variety of conferences and educational opportunities. 

    Noon Conference is the flagship educational opportunity.  During this conference, which occurs 3-4 days per week, the residents have lectures, hands on workshops and other opportunities to expand their clinical knowledge.  Speakers include the general medicine attendings as well as subspecialists from the community.  Journal Club and Clinical improvement conferences are included in this section.

    Morning report occurs 2 days a week.  These conferences are led by residents who are assigned to the clinic.  This conference gives residents the opportunity to perform scholarly activity and practice their presentation skills.  These conferences focus on clinical reasoning.

    Clinic Conference occurs 2 mornings a week for residents assigned to the clinic.  This year, we are adopting the Yale Clinic Curriculum modules for teaching and education.  This conference also includes professionalism topics and quality improvement topics.  Also during the clinic month, on Tuesday afternoons, residents have the humanities in medicine curriculum and communication skills workshops led by our clinical psychologist.