Current Internal Medicine Residents

The residents in our Internal Medicine Residency Program are a diverse group of physicians. They represent many cultures from within the United States and from around the world. This is one of the many assets of our program - the ample opportunity to interact and study with people of differing backgrounds and experiences. It will enhance your personal and professional growth while you are here. Our sponsoring hospital, Cone Health, is also committed to Diversity and Inclusion.

Please feel free to e-mail Gaye Galyon, Residency Coordinator, with your questions. Communicating with our Residency Coordinator is an excellent way to learn more about the numerous opportunities available to you through our residency program.

During residency, our residents are given many opportunities to complete Quality Improvement and scholarly activities. Many social activities are held throughout the year to encourage relationship building and to promote networking.

For those interested in fellowship, our residents do very well in Matching into the fellowship of their choice. In the past 5 years residents have matched at the Medical College of Georgia, Georgetown University, Wake Forest University, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Baylor University and Duke University in diverse fields such as ID, Rheumatology and Hematology/Oncology.

PGY-3 Residents

Obed AgyeiObed Agyei, MD

  • Future plans: Fellowship (Hematology and Oncology)
  • Medical School: Ross University School of Medicine
  • Undergraduate: North Carolina State University
  • Hometown: Kumasi, Ghana but grew up in Greensboro, NC

What I like about our program: The support of attendings and culture of friendliness at Cone Health

What I like about Greensboro: Close proximity to other big cities like Charlotte and Raleigh. Seems like there's a diverse ecosystem where we get to experience all 4 seasons throughout the year. An added benefit is the good ole southern cuisine (Bojangles of course is everyone's favorite fast food restaurant down here.) Downtown Greensboro has gone through an impressive transformation and more lively now than ever before

Other interests: I enjoy outdoor activities and love playing my piano at home after a long day.

Carley BloomfieldCarley Bloomfield, DO

  • Future plans: Palliative care
  • Medical school: LUCOM
  • Undergraduate: Liberty University
  • Hometown: Salisbury, NC

What I like about our program: what drew me to the Cone program the most was the culture here. Everyone is incredibly supportive and encouraging here which creates a nurturing environment to learn in. The faculty not only cares about our growth and education as training physicians, but more importantly about our personal growth as individuals.

What I like about Greensboro: it has the activities and restaurants that a bigger city would have, but has the community feel of a smaller town which I appreciate

Other interests: crossfit, scuba diving, any outdoor/water related activities

Marissa KrienkeMarissa Krienke, MD

  • Future Plans: Undecided
  • Medical School: University of Central Florida
  • Undergraduate: University of Central Florida
  • Hometown: Orlando, FL

What I like about our program: The people. The residents are all easy to get along with and I feel that there is a good sense of community. The faculty are all very supportive and helpful, they all are very interested in helping us learn and grow in our careers. I also feel that we see a wide range of medical conditions that we learn how to manage.

What I like about Greensboro: Being from Florida I am really enjoying the seasons, I absolutely love the Fall leaves! There are also some great biking paths, good restaurants, and we are just a short drive from some beautiful hikes.

Other interests: Traveling, spending time with family, hiking, biking, playing board games, and trying new restaurants.

Joshua LeeJoshua Lee, MD

  • Future plans: planning to pursue ambulatory practice after graduation
  • Medical School: Drexel University College of Medicine
  • Undergraduate: Cornell University
  • Hometown: Lafayette, California

What I like about our program:  Our program feels so welcoming. Everyone in the program is friendly and willing to teach with special attention in encouraging family-like atmosphere. Also, we have the best pie parties.

What I like about Greensboro: The Barbecue is so much better than anything I have had in the past and I am happy to never see snow again.

Other interests:  Dancing, Picked up knitting during the pandemic 

Ellie MasoudiEllie Masoudi, MD

  • Future plans:  Cardiology or Sports Medicine Fellowship
  • Medical School: Isfahan University of Medical Sciences

What I like about our program: Supportive team with great relationship between attendings and residents

What I like about Greensboro: Beautiful area with awesome nature (specifically beautiful lakes!). Small city but has enough to do! Low traffic which is great for residency life!

Other interests: Spending time with friends and family, swimming, beach volleyball.

Jaimie SeawellJaimie Seawell, DO

  • Future plans: Fellowship - Pulmonary/Critical Care or Infectious Disease
  • Medical School: Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine - Carolinas Campus 
  • Undergraduate: Meredith College 
  • Hometown: New Orleans, LA

What I like about our program: The camaraderie. It's a smaller community program which is what I was looking for in residency. You get to know everyone on a personal level, and we're all very friendly and open minded. At the same time, I'm constantly being challenged in my learning, and the attendings are great at teaching. It's a really good balance. 

What I like about Greensboro: Hiking and kayaking are very near, and this area is just gorgeous. I don't have to go far to get to outdoor activities. 

Other interests: reading, coffee, martial arts, exercise, backpacking, kayaking

PGY-2 Residents

Sadia AslamSadia Aslam, MD

  • Medical School: American University of the Caribbean
  • Undergraduate: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Hometown: High Point, NC

What I like about our program: Intimate community program with excellent faculty dedicated to enhancing your clinical experience and cultivating a great educational experience.

What I like about Greensboro: Central location for a day trip to the coast and mountains

Iulia BasarabaIulia Basaraba, MD

  • Future Plans: Hospitalist
  • Medical School: East Tennessee State University Quillen College of Medicine
  • Undergraduate: Boston University
  • Hometown: Lakeland, FL

What I like about our program: I love the small size of the program while still in a big community hospital. It allows for plenty of close-knit teaching moments with attendings in a setting with a wide range of patient presentations and pathology.

What I like about Greensboro: Coming from a small city in medical school, I love having lots of restaurants, stores and activities close by.

Other interests: Mid-century modern interior design, relaxing on a beach or lake.

Rylee ChristianRylee Christian, MD

  • Medical School: University of North Dakota School of Medicine & Health Sciences
  • Undergraduate: University of Mary Bismarck
  • Hometown: Palmer, AK

Benjamin CoeBenjamin Coe, DO

  • Medical School: Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Undergraduate: Appalachian State University
  • Hometown: Savannah, GA

Jeff SteenJeffrey Steen, MD

  • Future Plans: Hospitalist
  • Medical School: Medical University of South Carolina
  • Undergraduate: University of South Carolina
  • Hometown: McBee, South Carolina

What I like about our program: Excellent teaching and opportunities see wide variety of pathology. Lots of opportunity for procedures if you seek it out. Good balance of supervision and autonomy. Ultrasound elective available and faculty members incorporate use of ultrasound in clinic and inpatient. Physician parking and meals provided. Nice facilities.

What I like about Greensboro: Cost of living is good, close to the beach and mountains, diverse population, and plenty of things to do.

Other interests: Cycling, Boxing, Carpentry, Fishing, Hunting

Steven WintersSteven Winters, MD

  • Medical School: American University of the Caribbean
  • Undergraduate: Auburn University
  • Hometown: Durham, NC

What I like about our program: What drew me to Moses Cone was how supportive the staff was of their residents. It’s so nice being in a work environment that not only supports their residents, but works with you to achieve your professional goals.

What I like about Greensboro: My wife and I really enjoy all that Greensboro has to offer! If you are a foodie, Greensboro has a truly diverse food scene. If you enjoy the outdoors, there are a lot of hiking trails, and plenty of lakes nearby for fishing. If you enjoy the mountains or the beach, both are a short drive from Greensboro. Plus, we both have family in Greensboro and Durham.

Other interests: I enjoy hiking, fishing, rafting, scuba diving, coin collecting, cooking, reading and writing.

PGY-1 Residents

Prosper AmponsahProsper Amponsah, MD

  • Future Plans: A combination of hospital and outpatient medicine
  • Medical School: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Undergraduate School: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Hometown: Greensboro, but born in Ghana

What I like about our program: The collaborative environment allows you to feel supported both during patient care and as you work towards your professional goals. The small size allows you to get to know your colleagues, attendings and staff quite well. The diverse patient population provides you the opportunity to care for the underserved population.

What I like about Greensboro: I have lived in Greensboro most of my life and my family lives here. Midsize town with great restaurants, bars, weather, trails, and a diverse population with the mountains a few hours west and the beach a few hours east.

Other interests: I enjoy playing soccer and table tennis. I love to watch sports and sci-fi/action movies. Big Manchester United fan! I love traveling and learning about new cultures.

Phillip BraswellPhillip Braswell, MD

  • Future Plans: Undecided
  • Medical School: UAB School of Medicine
  • Undergraduate School: University of Alabama
  • Hometown: Madison, AL

What I like about our program: I chose Cone because of the open, welcoming culture. Everyone here is very supportive and always willing to lend an extra hand. We get to work closely with our attendings, which leads to more learning opportunities and building close relationships. It’s so nice coming to work knowing you are surrounded by colleagues who support your well-being and career goals.

What I like about Greensboro: Greensboro is an excellent place to live and start a career. There is a diverse population here and everyone I’ve met has been friendly and welcoming. Regardless of whether you prefer an urban area or the suburbs, there’s a place for you here.

Other interests: Spending time with my fiancé and dogs, exploring breweries, and Alabama athletics - Roll Tide!

Sagar JinwalaSagar Jinwala, MD

  • Medical School: St. George’s University School of Medicine
  • Undergraduate School: NC State University
  • Hometown: Greensboro, NC

Vasili KatsadourosVasillios Katsadouros, DO

  • Future Plans: Cardiology, Hospitalist Medicine
  • Medical School: Edward Via College Of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM-Carolinas)
  • Undergraduate School: Elon University
  • Hometown: Hendersonville, NC

What I like about our program: The familial atmosphere of the program which creates a comfortable learning environment. The unique size of the program allows for us to get to know one another, thus working better together. Despite the size of the program, we are a large community health system with an academic affiliation. This leads to excellent learning opportunities.

What I like about Greensboro: I lived in Greensboro after attending Elon University and really fell in love with the city. From the food to the people, Greensboro has a lot to offer. It is only 3 hours from my hometown as well!

Other interests: Spending time with my family and friends, sports (soccer being my favorite) hiking, cooking, reading, and exercising.

Jessica LiangJessica Liang, MD

  • Medical School: Chicago Medical School
  • Undergraduate School: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Hometown: Raleigh, NC

What I like about our program: I enjoy the nurturing environment that fosters collaboration and community driven care. The people are encouraging, supportive, and good to wrok with.

What I like about Greensboro: The weather is warmer than Chicago and the traffic is MUCH better. There is a great deal I hope to continue to explore in the future.

Other interests: Board games, trying new foods, knitting, watercolor

Quan NguyenQuan Nguyen, DO

  • Future Plans: Hospitalist or Cardiologist
  • Medical School: VCOM Carolina
  • Undergraduate School: UNCG
  • Hometown: Greensboro

What I like about our program: I immediately fell in love with the program after the interview. I am familiar with the hospital from my experience of volunteering here. Everybody in this program is a big family with lots of support and encouragement for each other. The faculty, especially our PD Dr. Mullen, foster a great learning environment for success.

What I like about Greensboro: Greensboro is my hometown. It is a good-sized city that has everything you will ever need for groceries, restaurants, or entertainment. It is also only 1 hour away from Raleigh and 2 hours from Charlotte. And there will never be a traffic jam here. Housing prices are also reasonable if you want to settle down.

Other interests: tennis

Joshua ChenJoshua Chen, MD

  • Future Plans: Diagnostic Radiology. Not totally certain on fellowship at this point, but interested in pediatric radiology.
  • Medical School: Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University
  • Undergraduate School: UNC Chapel Hill
  • Hometown: Rockingham, NC

What I like about our program: Everyone is genuinely kind and helpful. There is truly an emphasis on wellness and concern at all levels, from co-residents to attendings. Of course, we also have plenty of pathology both in the inpatient and outpatient settings, so you won't lack patients for your training.

What I like about Greensboro: Coming from a small town, Greensboro has about everything you could want. Plenty of restaurants, parks, great shopping, and many boba tea stores. It's a pretty compact city too, so nothing is too far from anything else. For me, it is a short drive from my family and from my in-laws.

Other interests: board games, cooking, reading

Matthew JohnsonMatthew Johnson, MD

  • Future Plans: Continue residency training in dermatology at Wake Forest
  • Medical School: Wake Forest School of Medicine
  • Undergraduate School: University of North Carolina at Wilmington
  • Hometown: Wilmington, NC

What I like about our program: Relatively small program with a great sense of camaraderie amongst interns, residents, faculty, and staff. There are vast opportunities to help you become a competent and compassionate physician engaging in a constructive, supportive, and respectful learning environment. Excellent benefits for residents (Roth 403b with match, excellent free health insurance, free meals, free parking right at the entrance to our department, etc.) Low cost of living area.

What I like about Greensboro: Since I attended medical school in Winston-Salem and will be going back next year to continue my training, I have been commuting. The drive is super easy, and the proximity to WS allows me to continue living with my fiancé. Otherwise, Greensboro has a fun restaurant, brewery, and bar scene. Surprisingly, some of the biggest names in music, like Foo Fighters and Jay Z, have come to perform in the Greensboro Coliseum. Justin Bieber, Elton John, J. Cole, Eric Church, and Lynyrd Skynyrd are all scheduled in the next few months. Short drive to a ton of excellent hiking spots and all the big North Carolina cities.

Other interests: Spending time with my fiancé and doggo, drums, tennis, craft beer, hiking.

Rachel SpeakmanRachel Speakman, MD

  • Future Plans: I will be headed to Wake Forest next year for Diagnostic Radiology Residency training. I am currently most interested in mammography or neuroimaging, though am keeping an open mind. I look forward to hopefully getting a dog and starting a family within the next couple of years.
  • Medical School: The University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences
  • Undergraduate School: Brown University
  • Hometown: Hudson, Ohio

What I like about our program: Cone Health IM residency is a smaller program, so you really get to know your fellow residents and attendings exceptionally well. All of the faculty are incredibly welcoming and approachable and serve as wonderful role models! You also get plenty of outpatient as well as inpatient experience.

What I like about Greensboro: The weather was a huge draw for me, coming from Ohio! Working in Greensboro pushes you to become very aware of social determinants of health and value-based care. I actually live in Winston-Salem currently, and have not spent as much time in Greensboro, but there is very little traffic and commuting is not a problem!

Other Interests: Violin, diving, hiking, board games - I have a competitive soul and really enjoy anything outdoors.

Julia WatsonJulia Watson, MD

  • Future Plans: Ophthalmology residency at New England Eye Center/Tufts in Boston, MA
  • Medical School: UNC School of Medicine
  • Undergraduate School: Dartmouth College
  • Hometown: Rocky Mount, NC

What I like about our program: Only a few weeks into intern year, and I already feel at home in this program. It is such a tight-knit and friendly group. Patient care is the top priority, and it is truly a team effort.

What I like about Greensboro: Although I am commuting from Carrboro, NC, for the year, I look forward to the opportunities I will have to explore Greensboro on days off. From what I hear from faculty and other residents, Greensboro has much to offer between its diverse food options, parks, museums, and Science Center!

Other interests: I try to spend as much of my free time as possible outside with my husband, 1-year-old son, and 7-year-old hound mix.

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2020-2021 Internal Medicine Residents