Cone Health Nurse Employee - Student Information

There are requirements that must be met if you are going to back to school and would like to complete course work (including clinical, non-clinical and research) for a nursing program at a Cone Health facility.

Attending an Affiliate School

An affiliate school is a local school program that Cone has a long-standing, on-going affiliation with for employee and non-employee students to complete curriculum work at a Cone Health facility. Contact to see if we have an affiliate agreement with your school.

If you are attending a local school program, you will use a Course Work Request form (CWRF).

See form for detailed instructions and requirements. All of our local nursing programs and most NC nursing programs have affiliate agreements with Cone. Your school should be able to confirm this for you. If not, contact

The CWRF must be sent in by the Academic Point of Contact (APOC) as verification that the required on-boarding documentation is maintained at the school.

A new CWRF is needed for each semester at Cone Health.

Accompanying on-boarding documentation is only submitted initially.

Attending a Distance Education Nursing Program

Cone Health no longer requires an affiliate agreement for nurse employees attending a distance education accredited school. Instead, an agreement that is established between the student and Cone Health will be used. This process is greatly streamlined from the school affiliate agreement process used in the past. Your school will need to permit use of the Individual Student Education Agreement process instead of establishing an affiliate agreement and most schools we have already worked with have agreed.

See the Individual Student Education Agreement (ISEA) and Requirements form. for detailed instructions. Students will need to provide documentation confirming the Out-of-State school's NC Board Of Governors (BOG) approval or National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA) documentation. This is a federal regulation and your school will be able to provide this to you.

A new ISEA is needed for each semester at Cone Health. Accompanying on-boarding documentation is only submitted initially.

You may be required to purchase your own professional liability insurance; often students use Nursing Service Organization at the cost is around $100.

Additional Information

  • Employees are not permitted to use their Cone Health employee badge or CHL access when at Cone in the student or Instructor role. The request forms for a student / Instructor log-in and ID badge will be sent to the school Academic Point of Contact person, when the CWRF or ISEA is confirmed.
  • A preceptor or a Cone Point of Contact person (CPOC) is required for all course work completed at a Cone Health facility.
  • Students must independently acquire a preceptor who can best help them meet their learning needs. Cone Health nurses precept on a volunteer basis and Cone does not assign preceptors.
  • Any student attending an affiliate school can request to do course work at a Cone Facility. Only employees attending non-affiliate schools will be able to complete course work at a Cone facility.

Please refer to Post-Licensure Nursing Program Students for more information.