Cone Health Nursing Departments

Information for Clinical Nursing Departments Regarding Students

Thank you for working with instructor and students to support the educational needs of students in our community.

For further assistance or information, please contact:

General Questions

Email Staff Education

Undergraduate Nursing, Paramedic, & Surgical Tech

Ruthie Rogers, DNP, RN, CNE-CL
Nursing Professional Development Specialist II

Office Phone: (336) 553-6053

Email Ruthie Rogers

Post-Licensure Nursing Students (MSN, DNP, PhD)

Breten Chrismon, BA
Associate Instructor II

Office Phone: (336) 553-6064

Email Breten Chrismon

Current Schedule

    • Shows all of the student groups scheduled on the hospital campus nursing departments.
    • In order to view your areas please follow these steps.

      1. Click the blue link located below Cone Health (View Hospital calendar) You do not need to register.
      2. Open the screen to full view
      3. Select your campus
      4. Select your Instructor -Led for departments OR select Out-Rotations if your area is not a nursing department (OR/ED; etc)
      5. Finally you can choose the month or semester view in the right corner

Student Policy

    • All nursing, EMS and ST students participating in a Student Experience at Cone Health must follow this policy.

Department Tips

    • Quick information for working with instructors and students
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Student & CI Information for Clinical Department Form

    • This is a standardized form for CIs to provide the department prior to beginning a clinical rotation. Departments are asked to maintain this document in an area known to all staff in the event that an instructor or student needs to be contacted.
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Clinical Instructor Reference Guide (CIRG)

    • This document contains information about orientation requirements, Instructor responsibilities and resources.
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Undergraduate Preceptors

We greatly appreciate and rely on exceptional nurses who volunteer to precept a student nurse. Names of Preceptor volunteers throughout the healthcare system are provided to our affiliate schools. This process is managed centrally to ensure fair and equitable distribution of available preceptors and to avoid conflicts of interest.

Departments and preceptors cannot limit their offerings to a particular school or student, but every effort will be made to accommodate special requests between preceptors and students to support collaborative relationships that may have occurred during a clinical rotation or work experience.

Department Survey of Student Groups

At the end of each semester, a link to a Survey will be sent via email to Nursing staff for feedback regarding the student groups that have been on your department.

Survey will be posted in Late October for Fall Semester