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Post-Licensure Individual Nursing Program Students

This information is for graduate nursing, RN-BSN, MSN, DNP and research students enrolled in a nursing program of study, who are seeking a learning experience as a required component of their course work.

Cone Health is honored to support the professional development for Cone Health nurse employees and students who attend a local affiliate nursing program. Check with your school to determine if the school has an affiliate agreement with Cone Health. Generally, affiliate schools are those within the state of North Carolina.

Due to being at clinical capacity in supporting our employees and local affiliate school students, Cone Health is unable to provide learning experiences for non-employees attending non-affiliate school nursing programs.

On-Boarding Requirements to complete curriculum work at a Cone Health facility

There are two ways to meet the on-boarding requirements. See below for instructions to select the correct one.

Cone Health Nurse Employees and Non-Employees attending an affiliate school program of study:

  • An affiliate school program is one that has a long-standing, on-going relationship with Cone Health. Local community and NC state schools are affiliate schools.
  • Use the Course Work Request form (CWRF)

Cone Heath employees attending a non-affiliate school:

  • Employees can choose to attend any accredited program of choice that is not an affiliate school program.
  • Students will need to confirm with their school approval for the use of an ISEA.
  • Use the Individual Student Education Agreement (ISEA).

Student Policy

All individuals participating in a Student Experience at Cone Health must follow the Student Policy.

Dress Code Policy

Seeking a Preceptor

Cone Health provides precepted experiences on a volunteer basis. Post-Licensure students are required to find their own preceptor who can best help meet the course objectives.

Note: Cone Health has limited OB/GYN and pediatric experience opportunities.


Note: Cone Health employees are exempt from orientations.

Annual Requirement

A two part process to be completed annually by all students and on-campus faculty unless other orientation arrangements are made with the department hosting the student.

CORE Orientation

  1. PDF format - viewable on all devices.
  2. The core will take less time for those providers/students who are familiar with the content.
  3. The test questions are part of the evaluation and the students/providers must follow the instructions- Give an answer to the question, click done to see the test results.
  4. Click done again to access the certificate of completion. Fill in name & date.
  5. Print Certificate of Completion to be kept on file at school

Cone Health Orientation

Cone HealthLink (CHL)

After the request has been confirmed, a CHL request form will be sent:

  • ISEA Students (Non-Affiliate Schools) - Sent directly to student
  • CWRF Students (Affiliate Schools) - Sent directly to student.

Note: The CHL team requires 2 -4 weeks processing time.

Password Reset

If you have any trouble after receiving your login information, visit our Service Portal and follow the instructions.

Employees are not permitted to use their Cone Health CHL access when at Cone in the student role. The request form for a student log-in will be sent to the student or school Academic Point of Contact person, when the CWRF or ISEA is confirmed.


In an effort to support security for our patients and staff, Cone Health requires all students and faculty members to wear a Cone Health photo ID badge. This identification is required whenever students or faculty members are on any Cone Health campus for school-related activities.

After the ISEA or CWRF request has been confirmed, a Badge request form and instructions for obtaining the badge will be sent directly to the individual student (Non-Affiliate Schools) or to the school Academic-Point-of-Contact (Affiliate Schools) to be forwarded to student.



Instructor/Student Parking Location

Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital & Women's Care Center

Visitor Garage (accessed from N. Church St)

Level 3

Wesley Long Hospital

Employee Parking Lot (N. Elam Ave &   Friendly Ave)

Annie Penn Hospital

Employee Parking Lot (next to S. Main Street exit)

Behavioral Health Hospital

Upper Middle Lot

Left Parking Lot

Alamance Regional Medical Center

S Lot

Exit Survey

After your clinical experience is completed, please take the Exit Survey.

Research Resources

If you are doing a Research project, see the Cone Health Nursing Research Council's site for assistance.

Further Assistance

Please contact for further assistance or information.