Pharmacy Internship Program

At Cone Health, there have always been opportunities for pharmacy students to work as paid interns, but we’ve made some exciting changes! Students that want to get started in health-system pharmacy are encouraged to apply in the spring prior to starting pharmacy school. Experience as a pharmacy technician is preferred but not required.

Pharmacy Student Internship

First year

Interns begin training in June as members of our inpatient pharmacy team. Working alongside our pharmacists and pharmacy technicians provides real-world exposure that augments the pharmacy school curriculum and provides a real advantage to interns.

Second year

Interns assist with orienting and training first year interns in June, then starting in July receive training to perform medication histories. This gives interns the opportunity to work outside the pharmacy, interviewing patients and caregivers in the emergency department and throughout the hospital.

Staffing requirements

  • Minimum four weeks full-time each summer
  • Every third weekend during the school year
  • Extra hours available during breaks

At the end of the second year of pharmacy school, interns have three choices:

  1. End their internship/employment.
  2. Continue their internship as a valued member of our team supporting both our inpatient pharmacy and medication history team.
  3. Apply for our Clinical Internship program.

Clinical Pharmacy Student Internship

Interns completing their second year of pharmacy school are encouraged to apply to this program that will capitalize on their advancing knowledge. Activities include patient education, drug therapy monitoring, and assisting residents and clinical pharmacists.

Staffing requirements

  • Minimum two weeks full-time each summer
  • Scheduling is flexible during the school year (minimum 16 hours per month)
  • Extra hours available during breaks


All interns are allocated 40 hours of paid time at the start of each summer to use at their discretion.

  • Meet and shadow pharmacists working in specialty areas of interest. Not limited to the inpatient setting but anywhere pharmacists work at Cone Health – ambulatory clinics, cancer centers, behavioral health centers, specialty pharmacies, and outpatient pharmacies.
  • Get involved with projects or research that staff or pharmacy residents are working on or develop a project of your own.
  • Experiences are tailored to each intern’s interests.

We are looking for nine first year pharmacy students to start this summer!


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