Pharmacy Research

Through pharmacy research, we’re studying best practices when it comes to using medication. Every day, with every study, we work to answer questions like:

  • What’s the best medication or combination to treat this condition?
  • What should the pharmacist’s role be in a specific patient care scenario?
  • How can the pharmacy department better partner with other healthcare members to offer patients the highest level of care?
  • What regulations or protocols need to exist around the administration of this drug?

Cone Health has a long-standing history of pharmacy involvement with research, and in 2018 developed an official committee to help give this important arm of research even more focus and dedicated resources. The committee coordinates pharmacy department-led research projects, facilitates research training for pharmacy investigators, reviews research proposals, supports success of each project by providing feedback and guidance and monitors compliance with institutional review board. 

Current Pharmacy Research Projects

Pharmacy Resident Projects

Resident  Preceptors Project
Christine Ko Kim Hurth / Lisa Curran Evaluation of Triple Therapy De-escalation Following Percutaneous Coronary Intervention at a Community Hospital
Andrea Lippucci Mike Maccia Improving the transitions of care from the ICU setting to a step-down/medical floor
Mariah Gibbs Ben Mancheril / Andrew Meyer Impact of pharmacist guided PAD protocol implementation on mechanical ventilation duration in the medical ICU
Grace Barr Rachel Rumbarger Lactated ringers versus normal saline for sepsis resuscitation
Kushal Naik Jeremy Frens Pharmacist Interventions on Discharge Antibiotic Appropriateness
Emily Perez Jeremy Frens Optimizing antibiotic use for patients with discitis
Ivy Nwogu Pete Koval / Jen Kim Initiation of SGLT-2 inhibotors and/or GLP-1 agonists for patients with diabetic nephropathy
Chris Walston Jen Kim / Pete Koval De-prescribing sulfonylureas and insulin in elderly patients with type 2 diabetes
Mimi Pham Kevin Hansen Modification of medication due time rounding rules to decrease re-dispenses
Jing Steenwyk Nick Gazda Implementation of PROMISE-10 quality of life screening for specialty pharmacy patients
Tyler Baumeister Emily Sinclair Implementation of penicillin allergy assessment in a community teaching hospital
Allie Rivera Alison Grimsley Streamlining Pediatric and Neonatal Transitions of Care: Pharmacist Coordination of Discharge medication delivery and education

Pharmacy Student Projects

Student name  Preceptors Project
Bernadette Lee Ellen Fulp Educational intervention with pre-post survey of knowledge/confidence prescribing methadone for hospice patients
Madison Stanley Kelley Auten, Megan Supple DOAC evaluation
Ife Fasina Jen Kim GLP-1a/SGLT-2i in ASCVD patients in internal medicine
Thomas Jacky Alison Grimsley Standardized Neonatal Admission and Sepsis Order Sets in Predicting Length of Antibiotic Therapy
Mohammed Abuzuaiter Alison Masters Hypertonic saline peripheral administration
Alatheia King Rachel Rumbarger LR vs NS initial sepsis resuscitation
Quyen Du Jen Kim Evaluation of an interprofessional geriatrics assessment clinic
Gregory Orsuto Victoria Forrst LEAN evaluation of time to dispense in NICU
Ellen Berggren Jesse Mack Piqray evaluation: baseline BG/HbA1c, time on target dose, antihyperglecemics, supportive therapy medications
Arden Bui Jen Kim GLP-1a/SGLT-2i in ASCVD patients in internal medicine
Emma Stinson Emily Sinclair Cephalosporins in HD patients
Savannah McPherson Jesse Mack Nerlynx usage, anti diarrheal Rxs and directions/actual usage, length on therapy, starting dose, time to target dose, develop protocol
Megan Tran Nick  Gazda Improving specialty pharmacy adherence through automated, digital refill assessments
Sterling Feininger Jen Kim Glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists in end-stage renal disease
Toneth Sang Jen Kim Evaluation of lipid management in patients with diabetes
Jennie Wilson Pete Koval Interdisciplinary tobacco cessation during COVID-19 pandemic in a family medicine clinic

Do you have a pharmacy research project you’re looking to submit for presentation or publication? Here are a few resources: