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Brynn Jones, MS OTR/L, CCCE

Mike Sherk, PT, CCCE
Alamance Regional Only

Observation Contacts

  • Acute and inpatient rehab observations:
    Email Us.
  • Outpatient rehab observations:
    Email Us

Program Leaders

Site Coordinator of Clinical Education (SCCE)

The SCCE is responsible for coordinating the student experience. Rehabilitation Services employs one coordinator of clinical education for all disciplines. The individual is responsible for negotiating contracts with universities, communicating with Academic Coordinators of Clinical Educations/ Directors of Clinical Education ( ACCE/ DCE), arranging student affiliations, and orienting and training Clinical Instructors ( CI) and new students. The SCCE acts as a resource for mentoring and support for both the student and the CI. The SCCE will participate in the day-to-day activities of the student’s affiliation as needed and may step in to mediate in the event of any issue or conflict.

All Specialities (All campuses except Alamance Regional)

Brynn Jones, MS, OTR/L, SCCE

All Specialties (Alamance Regional Only)

Mike Sherk, PT, CCCE 

Clinical Instructor (CI)

The CI is your primary resource during your affiliation. This individual has been assigned as a mentor and coach to nurture your clinical/professional skills. All CIs in the Health System have at least one year of clinical experience and at least six months within our Health System. Your CI will provide you with an abundance of learning opportunities designed to meet your generic and specific learning objectives. Two-way communication is essential to create a positive and productive experience.