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Observation Contacts

  • Acute and inpatient rehab observations:
    Email Us.
  • Outpatient rehab observations:
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Student Information

Rehabilitation Services are provided 364 days per year, observing Christmas day. Your schedule will depend on patient care needs and your clinical instructor's (CI's) schedule, and may include weekend coverage. Please inform the Center Coordinator of Clinical Education (CCCE) if you require an adapted work schedule or have special needs.


Students are responsible for arranging their own housing and meals during the affiliation. Most sites will provide access to a refrigerator and microwave, and some have a cafeteria on site.


Parking is available at no charge to students at every site. More detailed information will be provided in your pre-affiliation packet which will be sent to you before you start.

Dress Code

For all rehabilitation venues and facilities, the dress code consists of black, tan or blue pants and a "professional" shirt of any solid color. Cargo pants are unacceptable. While on acute care, you may choose to wear solid, dark purple scrubs with an undershirt of solid white. Please ask you supervisor about details on Cone Health's dress code policy for further clarity.

Research and Internet Access

During your affiliation with Cone Health, you will have access to the Medical Libraries located at The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital and Wesley Long Hospital. You will also have Internet access for research and e-mail.

Additional Program Details

Americans with Disabilities Act

Students and/or academic programs are not required to disclose disabilities with the clinical site. However, if you have a documented disability and you require reasonable accommodations to meet the essential functions of the clinical affiliations (see PERFORMANCE EXPECTATIONS section below), you must notify us in writing prior to the beginning of your affiliation. If you choose not to disclose a disability prior to beginning your affiliation, we cannot guarantee (nor are we obligated) to accommodate you. For more information about the Americans with Disabilities Act, review these resources online.


Confidentiality is of utmost importance. Students are expected to follow all confidentiality policies. Patient confidentiality along with business and strategic information (written or verbal) must be protected at all times. Since students are treated as employees, it is understood that all personal and affiliation student information is also confidential at this facility. You will complete HIPAA training before you arrive.


Open communication is essential! Work closely with your CI to determine the best way to GIVE and RECEIVE feedback during your affiliation. Students can expect to exchange daily and weekly feedback with their CIs. You will complete self-assessments for discussion with your CI. Of course, you will receive a formal mid-term and final evaluation, and you will be expected to complete self-assessments at these times as well. Coordinate with your CI to schedule these meetings. Occasionally, your CCCE may sit in on these meetings.


Students are encouraged to choose at least one observational experience while on affiliation. Review and complete the observation checklist and return with your pre-affiliation documents. You may choose as many interests as you like, but understand we cannot guarantee every experience, so please prioritize your selections.


You will be provided a thorough orientation during the first week or two of your affiliation. You will meet with the CCCE and, of course, your CI, tour the hospital, review necessary paperwork, and begin learning about Cone Health. We want you to feel comfortable in our facility and encourage you to let us know as soon as possible if your orientation is lacking in any way.

Download the orientation packet


While a student at Cone Health, you will have access to our Medical Library, including Internet, journals and medical education resources. You and your CI may arrange time away from patient care to complete any projects or in-services. Your CI will assist you in reserving a space and any necessary equipment for your in-service.

Scope of Practice

Substance Abuse & Background Checks

All students must have a national criminal background check and a 12-panel urine drug screen completed prior to their affiliation. Any positive screens or background checks or any related questions must be submitted to the Human Resources Program Specialist prior to beginning a clinical affiliation.

All Cone Health campuses are tobacco-free. Tobacco products of any kind are not permitted onsite.

Work Schedule

You will be expected to work the same schedule as your Clinical Instructor unless otherwise arranged. This may mean you work an occasional Saturday or holiday. Punctuality and preparedness are implied expectations: Be here, on time and ready to go. Remember, you are expected to complete the required number of clinical hours to successfully complete this affiliation. If there is a conflict, you and your CI must collaborate to make any necessary arrangements.