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Project Navigator

The Project Navigator works with the person doing the project, connecting them with further resources, helping to navigate organizational requirements and acts as an advisor, mentor and guide through the process.

If you are either looking to find one or have been asked to be one, read on to see the qualifications, and responsibilities of a Project Navigator.

Watch this short tutorial on who a Project Navigator is and what they do.

How do I FIND a Project Navigator

Begin by reviewing the qualifications and responsibilities of a Project Navigator below. Then talk with your Department Director, a Clinical Nurse Specialist or Educator or an RN4. Explain that you are looking for someone to partner with to provide guidance and support. Have them check to see if they meet the qualifications and are aware of what the responsibilities of a Project Navigator are.


  • Master’s Degree or above; or previous experience as a Principal Investigator within last 5 years.

  • Cone Health employee.


  • Be either a Co-Investigator or an Associate Investigator on Research projects.

  • Act as a guide/gatekeeper through the process.

  • Introduce the NRC website.
    • Flow diagrams.

    • FAQ page.

  • Brainstorm about the project.

  • Add scientific merit to project.

  • Work through refinement of Burning Question.

  • Consult with someone who is an expert in the content area.

  • Provide awareness of other similar work being done within the Cone Health System.

  • Help identify resources.
    • Medical Library.

    • NRC website.

  • Review and approve documents prior to submission.
    • IRB forms.

    • Presentation to NRC.

  • Become familiar with the NRC.
    • Read past minutes. (available upon request)

    • Attend a few meetings prior to Presentation.

    • Consult with a NRC member.

  • Attend NRC meeting for presentation.
    • Take notes for further refinements.

  • NRC meeting attendance.
    • Should attend for Presentation to take notes for further refinements.

    • A strong recommendation to attend a few prior to Presentation to become familiar with the NRC and the Presentation review process.

Support for BEING a Navigator

Yes, there is help for someone who has taken on the role of a Project Navigator.

If someone comes to you and asks if you would act as their Project Navigator, don't feel like you need to have ALL of the answers. And you WON'T be alone.

The Nursing Research Council will provide support! Either contact a Nursing Research Council Member directly (if you know someone) or click here to request a membership list.

It's the goal of the NRC that you and your project is successful.