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Published on March 10, 2017

3 Ways to Protect Your Eyes at Home or Work

Eye SafetyMy mom would often say, "It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye." In my five years supporting area businesses' occupational health needs, I've seen many eye injuries. Sadly, many could have been prevented.

Our eyes are separated perfectly by distance on our faces allowing us to more accurately determine the size and distance of objects. As a result of this perfect placement, we can more easily thread a needle or determine if we can safely pass a car without being hit by the oncoming truck. These skills would be much harder with one eye. (Don’t try the passing thing with one eye closed to see if it is true. Trust me.)

Here are three easy answers for protecting your eyes:

Q: How do I protect my eyes at home or work?

A: Use safety glasses appropriate for what you are doing. At home and work, this is usually eyewear that is ANSI Z87.1 certified that protects against debris that could get in your eye while sawing, grinding or hammering objects.

Q: Aren’t sports goggles the same?

A: No. Sports eye and face protection is geared to the particular sport played. A football player may wear a face shield to prevent a poke in the eye, but that would not be enough to protect a racquetball player from a ball hitting her/him in the eye at 90 mph. These items are certified by the ASTM for each particular sport.

Q: What about sunshine?

A: Use eyewear that blocks UVA and UVB rays if out in the sun. Even for everyday sunglasses.

About the Author

Thomas Kingsley
Thomas Kingsley, MD, FAAFP is a Clinical Physician and DOT Examiner with Cone Health Employee Health & Wellness