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Published on December 22, 2020

5 Ways to Promote Work-Life Balance and Why it Matters

Nearly every company says they promote work-life balance; yet, some companies are more active than others in implementing programs to help employees find that balance. Organizations that do get serious about work-life balance typically see benefits in several areas.

  • Increased productivity - When employees have less stress and fatigue, they are more productive. If you consistently have employees who are working late or overtime, it can actually push productivity down. When a team member can show up for work feeling refreshed, their focus, creativity, and flexibility are all improved.
  • Stronger work relationships - Team members who feel a sense of control and ownership over their own time are more likely to feel positive about their relationships with managers. This also leads to employees feeling more invested in company goals.
  • Higher employee retention rates - Employees prize company cultures that align with their own goals. If you offer programs and benefits that support work-life balance, you’re building a positive, employee-focused culture.

Five Work-Life Balance Programs to Implement Now

There are dozens of ways to promote work-life balance. Here are five that have been proven to be effective.

1. Encourage Vacation Time

Even the most dedicated employees need to periodically take a break from the stress of work. After vacation, employees typically return more productive and motivated. Many companies are now recognizing that vacation time doesn’t just benefit employees. Consider increasing the amount of vacation time you offer employees or even mandating that employees take a certain amount of vacation each year.

2. Offer On-Site Exercise Classes

Exercise can improve health, energize employees, and boost positive feelings.  Many employee wellness services can bring a variety of exercise classes to your workplace. Consider surveying employees to see what type of classes would encourage participation.

Exercise specialists with Cone Employee Health & Wellness conduct a variety of classes, including yoga, interval training, Zumba, and strength training.

3. Teach Stress Management

Managing stress is a learned skill, and different people find different types of tools helpful. Line up a health professional who is familiar with stress management to teach mediation, deep breathing, and other relaxation techniques.

4. Create Flexible Schedule Options

Allowing employees to work from home when needed, split shifts, and leave on time means they are better able to juggle family responsibilities such as looking after children or aging parents.

5. Use Relaxation Packages as Rewards

Recognize work anniversaries, team or individual accomplishments, and the achievement of company goals with relaxation packages. A massage, extra time off work, and gift certificates for a restaurant or streaming movies can help employees periodically unwind.

Cone Health Can Help You Offer Work-Life Balance 

Cone Health Employee Health & Wellness offers various employer wellness packages that include exercise classes; stress management and other educational classes; and massage. Learn more by contacting Jacqueline Heyward at 336-832-7315 or

5 Ways to Promote Work Life Balance