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Published on September 29, 2020

Avoid Work Injuries With Physical Capacity Evaluations

HR Directors and company executives face so many difficult decisions as they try to offer attractive employee benefits while keeping those benefits affordable for the organization. You know that workplace injuries, compensation claims, as well as downtime and productivity losses can add up to significant costs very quickly.

Physical capacity evaluations (or physical capacity profiles) are a simple way to promote better employee health and performance while dramatically reducing the risk of workplace injuries. Read about the benefits and explore the physical capacity evaluation services that Cone Health Employee Health & Wellness offers companies in our region.

What Do Physical Capacity Evaluations Include? 

Avoid Work Injuries With Physical Capacity EvaluationsThese evaluations are designed to quickly and accurately measure someone’s ability to perform different kinds of physical exertion, such as lifting, pushing, pulling, bending, and reaching. Specially designed equipment is used to calculate the subject’s capabilities in each of these categories in a test that lasts about 30 minutes in total. 

Physical capacity profiles provide immediate, objective results that correspond to the categories of physical capacity requirements established by the U.S. Department of Labor. Those categories include: sedentary, light, medium, heavy, and very heavy work.

There are several situations that physical capacity evaluations can provide critical insight:

  • In a pre-employment scenario, these evaluations will help you confidently assess a new hire’s ability to meet the physical job requirements of a position.
  • They can help detect pre-existing conditions or injuries that continue to inhibit an employee’s capacity to meet the physical demands of their work.
  • After an injury, physical capacity evaluations can function as fit-for-duty testing that ensures an employee is ready and able to return to their normal duties.

The Benefits of Physical Capacity Profiles

Avoid Work Injuries With Physical Capacity Evaluations

Companies that implement physical capacity profiles for new hires and current employees who have suffered an injury on or off the job typically find benefits in two areas.

Cost Savings for Your Company

Implementing a plan for consistent physical capacity evaluations will often have a significant effect by reducing the number of overall workers’ compensation claims. You will be able to match new hires with positions that align with their physical capabilities with more confidence. Your company will likely save money on workers’ compensation claims and premiums.

Higher Productivity

You already understand the connection between increased employee wellness and the amount of sick leave your employees take, as well as how this affects overall productivity. Physical capacity evaluations are an easy way to protect and encourage employee wellness, increase overall job satisfaction, and directly impact your organization’s bottom line.

Specialized Equipment and Training

Many companies in our area either don't know about, or don’t fully understand, the benefits of physical capacity evaluations. These examinations require highly specialized equipment and training, and Cone Health Employee Health & Wellness is one of the few occupational health programs in the Triad region to offer physical capacity evaluations.

Call or email Jacqueline Heyward today at 336-832-7315 or to discuss physical capacity profiles and any of our other employee health solutions. She will be happy to arrange a no-risk assessment and answer all of your questions.

Avoid Work Injuries With Physical Capacity Evaluations