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Published on July 27, 2022

Getting Back to Employer Health and Wellness Programs

Getting Back to Employer Health and Wellness ProgramsWith more employees resuming pre-pandemic lives, employers have an opportunity to offer routine health and wellbeing services.

“During the pandemic, employers focused on Covid mitigation, social distancing and remote work,” shares Susan Kirks, RN BSN COHN, manager of Employee Health and Wellness. “With more employees back in person, we have a great opportunity to help people get back on track, especially when it comes to preventative and routine healthcare.”

According to the CDC, more than four in 10 U.S. adults avoided getting necessary medical care during the height of the pandemic. While many Americans are ready to resume routine medical visits, rising costs and inflation have them thinking twice.

With many employees looking for work flexibility and support, resuming or offering new occupational health services can be a win-win opportunity for employers offering:

Convenient onsite services: With Cone Health onsite providers, employers can offer initial baseline physicals and one-on-ones to help employees choose a primary care provider. According to the government’s Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, having access to primary care is associated with positive health outcomes. Primary care providers support preventative care, early diagnosis and treatment of disease and chronic disease management.

Screenings and vaccinations: Employers hosting mobile screening[HS1] , flus shot clinics, or biometric screenings for cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure and BMI send a strong message that they care about employee health and wellbeing.

Listen and learn presentations: With Cone Health’s new virtual sessions, employees can log in from work, home or on-the-go to join to hear from experts on a range of topics, including nutrition, preventative health and exercise.

Onsite training: Make sure supervisors and staff are prepared with CPR or first aid training. Whether you want a refresher course or first-time training, our providers are ready to assist you with your workplace needs.   

To learn more about occupational health offerings, contact Jacqueline Heyward at (336) 832-7315.