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Published on July 13, 2020

Is Your Team Getting the Right Care at the Right Time?

Is Your Team Getting the Right Care at the Right Time? | Greensboro, NC

Is Your Team Getting the Right Care at the Right Time?

Keeping your employees healthy and mitigating unnecessary health costs for your company will always be top priorities, but what are some practical, proactive steps you can take? One key is ensuring your employees understand their best care options for illnesses and injuries. On-site and off-site health employee health clinics can help avoid costly, unneeded emergency care visits. Read about these options and other ways to promote better health in your company.

The Real Cost of Unnecessary Emergency Health Care Visits

The UnitedHealth Group recently reported that ER visits for what turned out to be symptoms and conditions which could have been treated through a physician’s office cost more than $32 billion dollars in 2018. A headache, sore throat, upper respiratory infection, and similar ailments commonly landed patients in the ER with an average cost of $2,032 for the visit, compared to $167 for an average appointment with a physician.

Two-thirds of the 27 million annual ER visits by patients with private health insurance could be successfully treated with other health care options. As an employer, if you can provide more options, access, and education for your employees, they can get the care they need and keep health care costs lower for everyone.

On-Site Health Clinics: Bringing Care to Where You Are

In recent years, more and more organizations are reaping the benefits of offering on-site health clinics for their employees. Some of the core benefits for your staff include:


By eliminating travel time and the heavier patient waiting list that can back up at a regular physician’s office or urgent care clinic, your employees will have an easier time making space for an appointment. They are also more likely to get the care they need for smaller issues which could lead to larger problems when they are ignored or left untreated.

Improved Care for Chronic Conditions

On-site clinics can help with chronic illnesses in at least two ways. First, they provide key preventative opportunities and increase the likelihood of catching a serious condition early. Second, education, classes, and other on-site clinic resources can offer help to those who are already working to manage a chronic illness or condition.

A Standout Benefit for Prospective Employees

You realize that the benefits package you offer prospective employees has a direct effect on the number and quality of applicants you’ll receive for vacant positions. For the reasons we’ve already named, your future employees will see on-site access to healthcare as a huge benefit for them and their families as well as a signal that your organization truly prioritizes their health and wellness.

Off-Site Clinics Provide Targeted Services

Employees and companies will benefit from the way that off-site employee health clinics centralize access to critical health care services including:

●      Drug screenings

●      Physicals (including DOT and pre-employment examinations)

●      Screenings that are industry-specific (exams for police or fire departments, etc.)

●      Vaccines

●      Care after workplace injuries (workers’ compensation case management)

●      Vision/audio testing

●      Travel medicine

The team at Cone Health Employee Health & Wellness has seen the positive impact on- and off-site clinics can have as we serve employers in Greensboro, Kernersville, Burlington, and throughout the North Carolina Triad area. Organizations need specialized health care services, and individuals need quick, affordable access to required screenings and services. Clinics help meet the needs of both groups. Read more about our services.

Other Ways to Avoid the ER for Non-Emergency Needs

In addition to employee health clinics, there are other options that can help your team members avoid a costly, unnecessary trip to the ER. Educating your employees about alternatives if they aren’t feeling well outside of normal doctor’s office hours is important.

Virtual visits are a helpful alternative to the emergency room or urgent care visits during nights and weekends. A variety of virtual care options have become more popular in recent years, in part because they are typically cheaper than urgent care visits. They also provide:

●      Better continuity of care

●      Elimination of the risk of exposure to other patients

●      Secure, convenient access 24/7 from anywhere

Learn more about virtual care options for the Triad area  through Cone Health.

One of the most commonly overlooked options is also one of the most effective — keeping up with regular primary care and wellness visits. Many short- and long-term illnesses can be prevented or avoided when patients schedule these annual visits and follow through with diet, exercise, and treatment plans. As an employer, you can help them remember to schedule these, understand the many benefits of preventative care, and create a culture that prioritizes these visits.

Here for You and Your Employees

Cone Health Employee Health & Wellness offers three employee health clinic locations throughout the Triad as well as on-site clinic options for your workplace. To learn about our clinic options and how we can help your team get the right care at the right time, contact Jacqueline Heyward at or 336-832-7315.