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Published on May 28, 2020

Return-to-Work Phone Screenings Help Area Employers Reduce COVID-19 Risks

Return to Work COVID-19

Businesses and organizations across North Carolina are eager to welcome their people back to work. At the same time, they are naturally worried about employee safety and want to do everything possible to prevent an outbreak of COVID-19 in the workplace. As the pandemic continues, employers are discovering one important tool for mitigating this possibility: return-to-work health screenings.

Cone Health Employee Health & Wellness is offering no-cost, return-to-work telephone screenings to any employer in the area. Whether you already contract with Cone Health Employee Health & Wellness or not, these services are available and free for your company to utilize. It’s a small way for us to play a role in keeping the community safe and healthy as many transition back to work.

How Return-to-Work Phone Screenings Work

  • An employer contacts us to set up employee screenings
  • We reach out to the employee to schedule a time for a phone screening with a certified family nurse practitioner who specializes in occupational health
  • Katie McManama, Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, with Cone Health Employee Health and Wellness, will contact the employee during the scheduled time and conduct the screening
  • Questions are individualized for the employee’s unique situation, so there are an infinite number of possible questions that might be asked. A few of the common ones are:
    • What (if any) symptoms are you experiencing today?
    • When was the onset of symptoms?
    • How long has it been since you had a fever?
    • Are your symptoms improving?
    • Do you have severe symptoms?
    • Could there be an alternative explanation for symptoms?
    • Do you have any chronic medical conditions? This can help us determine if you have a condition that would cause prolonged viral shedding.
    • Do you feel prepared to return to work at this time?
    • If you have been tested for COVID-19, what were those results?

Based on the answers, the nurse practitioner will determine if it is appropriate for the employee to return to work. Both the employer and employee will be informed of the conclusion promptly. If it is not advised that the employee return to work at the time of screening, he or she will be advised to follow up with a primary care provider for clearance at a later date. Our return-to-work screening is not designed to direct treatment or testing and is best used by companies with employees who feel prepared to return to work.

Interested in Screenings for Your Company?

To learn how Cone Health can help your company with return-to-work screenings, call or email Jacqueline Heyward at or 336-832-7315.

More Resources to Help You Navigate COVID-19 Challenges

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