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Injury Care and Rehabilitation

You can have a strong plan in place to immediately take care of injured workers with the best care and rehabilitation options through Cone Health Employee Health & Wellness. Our comprehensive network of services can help companies access 24/7 care for workplace injuries, manage workers’ compensation claims, provide the care and rehabilitation needed, and complete return-to-work testing.

Rapid Care Can Reduce Damage and Pain

Making sure an employee gets treatment as quickly as possible after an injury can potentially help reduce pain and the extent of the damage. In addition, research shows that when patients start treatment within 24 hours of an injury occurring, they are more likely to return to work quickly and are more satisfied with their medical care.

Companies who contract with Cone Health Employee Health & Wellness have access to the following options for injury care for their team members:


For many types of injuries, such as back, shoulder, knee, or ankle problems, quick access to physical therapy after the initial diagnosis can be helpful. Occupational therapy can also help injured workers regain function. Therapists can also teach team members proper techniques for lifting, posture, and other guidance that can help them avoid future injuries.

Our occupational health providers have the training and experience to assess if rehabilitation is the best option for helping an injured employee return to work. Cone Health offers physical and occupational therapy for injured workers at 12 different outpatient locations throughout the Triad area.

Return-to-Work Testing

Our occupational health professionals can provide fit-for-duty testing and advise your company if it is safe for the employee to return to work, perform their job safely, and avoid reinjury. We can also assess if the employee would need some type of accommodations in order to return to work.