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A Substance Abuse Screening Partner Gives You Peace of Mind

Let’s talk about a custom substance abuse screening program to control your risk and create a safe workplace. Request a free consultation or call 336.832.7315.

Substance Abuse Screening

Cone Health Employee Health & Wellness offers a thorough substance abuse screening program. Commonly referred to as drug testing, these screenings can be helpful when hiring and thereafter to maintain a healthy and accident-free workplace.

In some industries, substance abuse screening is required by law, but many companies outside of these industries have chosen to add this step in their hiring process electively. Whether you have a few employees or thousands, drug testing is a proven way to protect your people and create the safest possible work environment.

Types of Substance Abuse Screening

  • Post Job Offer — A general screening requested as a condition for employment after a job offer has been made
  • Post-Accident — An important test to rule out recent drug use after an employee is involved in an accident on the job
  • Random Testing — Testing that is conducted on an unannounced basis to deter employees from using drugs
  • Reasonable Suspicion — Testing requested by management when an employee exhibits physical or behavioral signs of being under the influence at work

Multiple Drug Panels Available

For DOT and other safety-sensitive industries, a specific federal panel is required. Other companies can choose from a variety of panels that they feel would best protect their employees.

Breath alcohol tests are available, as well as blood alcohol tests. For other substances, urine and/or hair tests are most commonly used.

On-Site Medical Review Officer

Cone Health Employee Health & Wellness has a dedicated MRO who promptly reviews any positive test results and consults with companies to take the next steps. This is invaluable counsel for companies who want to avoid lawsuits and other issues related to hiring and firing.