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Explore Workers’ Compensation Case Management for Your Company

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Workers’ Compensation Case Management

When a worker is injured, utilizing a nurse case manager can be one of the best ways to ensure they receive treatment that meets best practices while also speeding recovery and lowering workers’ compensation costs. In fact, a study by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company showed that claims that used a nurse case manager had 26 percent lower overall claim costs and 15 percent faster resolution.

Cone Health Employee Health & Wellness offers complete workers’ compensation case management services. The benefits of contracting with our experienced occupational health nurses to manage your workers’ compensation claims include:

Guide Employees from Injury to Recovery

One of the important benefits of a workers’ compensation case manager is the rapport they build with the injured worker. Employees are often confused, scared, or worried about the workers’ compensation process, medical bills, and keeping their job. Having a case manager to answer questions and help the employee navigate the process from beginning to end can ease fears and break down barriers to recovery.

Eliminate Delays in Treatment

Case managers are able to help facilitate referrals to any needed specialists, physical or occupational therapy, or other needed treatment. The nurse will also evaluate progress and work with physicians to make adjustments to the treatment plan as necessary. This can help eliminate delays in treatment.

Speed Communications and Report Access

Cone Health’s secure online system gives you timely access to information about your employees’ visits and the current claim status. Case managers also ensure that physicians keep employers, workers’ compensation insurers, and any third-party administrators apprised of recommendations, including returning to work and any restrictions on employment.

Engage Employees in Recovery

Nurse case managers can help employees understand doctor and therapist recommendations, including medication instructions, any at-home exercises, and other parts of the treatment plan. This type of education can equip injured workers to be actively engaged in their recovery.

Conduct Fitness Evaluations

The team of nurses at Cone Health Employee Health & Wellness are specially trained to conduct physical capacity evaluations. These evaluations are required before an injured employee can return to work. Returning to the job too soon can result in a setback and even more time out of work.

Create Return-to-Work Plans

Nurse case managers are qualified to work with physicians and employers to determine if an employee has options for lighter duty or the ability to perform other duties until they are able to fully recover. They can also help map out a phased plan for returning to their original job.

Cone Health Employee Health & Wellness also offers other occupational health services, including pre-employment physicals, vaccines, and on-site clinics. Request a consultation now.