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Learn More about These Packages and Benefits

For more information about classes or pricing, or to schedule a class or event, complete our online form or call 336.832.7315.

Health Education and Fitness Packages

Cone Health Employee Health & Wellness offers a variety of wellness packages you can bring to your workplace. Our trusted health professionals can help your team reach health goals with research-based health information, group exercise classes, and services designed to lower stress, boost energy, prevent injuries, and improve overall health.

Whether your employees are on their feet in manufacturing, putting miles on the road in a truck or car, or sitting in front of computers in an office, our wellness services promote health, offer exciting benefits to employees, and reduce health costs for your team.

Wellness Packages

Download Our Wellness Package Flyer (PDF)

Getting Started Bundle ($400)

Includes four Listen and Learn information sessions with a Cone Health specialist. Select from a wide range of topics that cover disease prevention, health promotion, and nutrition and exercise.

These events can be offered on-site or virtually. If held in-person, COVID-19 precautions will be implemented, including screening, masks, and social distancing.

Some of the topics we offer address common health challenges, such as:

  • Stress Management
  • Heart Health
  • Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, and Blood Sugar
  • Nutrition
  • Healthy Eating and Cooking
  • Understanding Metabolism, Calories, etc.
  • Exercise and Fitness

For a detailed list of current topics, contact us or a specific topic your organization would like to address, contact us and we will help design an event for your organization. Email or call 336.832.7315.

Fitness Focused Package ($750)

Getting in shape, staying fit, and working out stress is fun with our certified fitness specialists and instructors. This package includes:

  • In-Body Composition Assessment* (for up to 100 employees)
  • 4 Fitness Classes (geared for all fitness levels)
    • Yoga
    • Barre
    • Pilates
    • Zumba
    • Strength training
    • Circuit training
    • Cardio classes

*Measures fat, lean body mass, resting metabolic rate, and body water in an easy-to-understand analysis that helps participants reach their personal health goals.

Refresh and Reward Package ($900)

Help your employees manage both physical and mental stress. This package includes:

  • 8 Hours of Chair Massage
  • 2 Yoga Classes
  • Two-Hour Self-Care Retreat for up to 15 people. The retreat includes a well-being assessment, meditation, gentle exercise, and a fun make-and-take activity.

Prevention Matters Package ($1,200)

Invest in these proven prevention health care programs to keep your employees well and promote long-term wellness. Bundle any two of our prevention programs:

  • Quit Smart (Smoking Cessation Program)
  • Under Pressure (High Blood Pressure Classes)
  • Pre-Diabetes (Care and Prevention Series)
  • Living Well (Nutrition Program)
  • Back on Track (Lower Back Series)