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Explore QuitSmart for Your Team

Certified QuitSmart facilitators at Cone Health can help your company offer QuitSmart classes at a low cost. Complete our online form or call 336.832.7315 for details.

Smoking Cessation

Smoking significantly increases risks for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, COPD, and other chronic diseases, running up health costs for both employees and employers. Yet we also know smoking is highly addictive and a habit that’s hard to change. Give your employees the tools to overcome nicotine addiction with the powerful, evidence-based QuitSmart® smoking cessation program.

QuitSmart has been shown to have three times higher quit rates than traditional smoking cessation programs. When combined with the early use of nicotine patches, the rate jumps to four times higher.

Certified QuitSmart leaders, who work with the Cone Health Employee Health & Wellness team, can deliver four weekly classes that help participants breathe easier and reduce the risk of chronic conditions. QuitSmart costs less, takes less time, and is more adaptable than other methods.

Many smokers who have failed with the “cold turkey” approach to smoking cessation have found success with QuitSmart. The program’s approach helps participants:

  • Slowly wean off nicotine by switching to cigarette brands with less and less nicotine
  • Get recommendations for medications to ease withdrawal discomfort
  • Learn coping skills
  • Get a realistic cigarette substitute that can be held
  • Receive a hypnosis CD or digital download to increase confidence, relaxation, and comfort

There is more information available on the CDC website.