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Published on March 01, 2021

Aashka Mehta
Executive Director, Post-Acute & Transitional Care

Aashka Mehta

From the outset, residents of long term care facilities became especially vulnerable to the potentially life threatening effects of COVID-19. Thankfully, they have a tireless warrior in their corner. As the Executive Director of Post-Acute & Transitional Care, Aashka Mehta is a crucial link between care and preparedness. Not the type to wait and react, Aashka’s proactivity has helped to breakdown communication barriers and pave the way for a steady flow of information between multiple agencies, organizations and caregivers. Her focus and compassion have been key in mitigating the outbreak of the virus among one of the most at-risk populations. For her diligence and steady leadership, Aashka has been deservedly recognized as a COVID-19 legend, though humility won’t allow her to ever describe what she does as heroic. From her perspective, it’s a profound responsibility. She is here for patients and caregivers, nursing homes and hospitals, communities and individuals.

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