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Published on March 24, 2021

Darren Shell


The best way to describe my first day at Cone Health is “culture shock”. Mainly because there is a culture here. In my previous jobs, phrases like “corporate culture” and “brand promise” were just that…phrases. At Cone Health, the promise of “we’re right here with you” is real and embraced throughout the entire organization. It’s inspiring how the focus of every job, regardless of what it entails, ultimately touches the patient.

As a Facility Design Specialist with an engineering background, I’m able to help create spaces that can make the days better for patients as well as for hospital staff. Equally rewarding, Cone Health has encouraged me to contribute in ways beyond my field of expertise. Not being pigeonholed or siloed allowed me to be part of the team that made the weCARE app possible. Knowing the toll that COVID-19 would have on the mental health of caregivers, weCARE was launched early in the pandemic. It’s a peer-to-peer app that allows Cone Health employees to build a support network of people to turn to in times of distress or when they just feel overwhelmed and need to talk. It’s one of the most gratifying projects I’ve ever been involved in and one of the reasons why I’ve never enjoyed a job as much as the one I have now.

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