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Published on April 30, 2021

Katherine McCormick
Medical Laboratory Technician


As a Medical Laboratory Technician at Moses Cone Memorial Hospital, I am part of a team within a team within an even larger team. All of us are committed to community-wide wellness and building a healthier tomorrow. And even though the coronavirus was pulling the world apart, it also drew us closer together. I am fairly new to my job, but I’ve never experienced such connection, collaboration and shared sense of focus. Patients, families and coworkers were relying on us to find and provide answers, and we were determined to come through for them.

There are many unsung – and even unknown – parts of a successful health care system and it’s critical they all work together seamlessly. There can be no weak links, especially true during a medical crisis, let alone during a pandemic. Along with masking, social distancing, and now vaccines, testing has been an essential component of containing the spread of COVID-19 and reassuring people that they’re either okay or that they need to seek help. We’ve been able to meet the many challenges presented by the coronavirus outbreak, not only because of the incredible individuals by which I am surrounded, but because of the strong foundation instilled by Cone Health and our promise to be right here with you.

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