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Published on March 05, 2021

Kristi Fraley, RN


There was a hole to fill. And it was a big one. Large numbers of travel nurses were arriving weekly and someone intimately familiar with Cone Health and the need for seamless patient care had to step into the crucial role of onboarding. That someone is Kristi Fraley. While she was happy, challenged and thriving as a MC SWOT RN, Kristi selflessly rearranged her schedule and took on extra shifts to onboard new travel nurses. Among other responsibilities, the role required Kristi to acclimate and train large groups of people—as many as 60 new RNs in a single week—even though public speaking causes her a good deal of anxiety. Kristi’s leadership skills, positive attitude and professional integrity helped her overcome the public speaking jitters and help hundreds of travel nurses fit into the Cone Health culture of caring. For this and so much more, Kristi is a COVID-19 Legend.

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