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Published on March 05, 2021

Steve Marshall
Clinical Nurse Manager


Many legends are pioneers. They do things that haven’t been done before. Clinical Nurse Manager Steve Marshall fits into that category. Steve and his leadership skills were instrumental in the initiative to establish a COVID-19 test site at Cone Health’s Green Valley Campus—ground zero for fighting the virus in our communities. Steve jumped into action by quickly assembling a team and designing an orderly flow that put patient safety at the forefront. He applied those same skills and motivation to help get mobile testing sites up and running. To date, thanks in no small part to Steve’s efforts, over 110,000 patients have been tested. Steve’s efforts didn’t stop at testing. He is now leading the effort for the outpatient infusion center which delivers vital therapies to COVID-19 patients. Though a team leader, Steve is also an active team player, working side-by-side with other caregivers and stepping in—and stepping up—without needing to be asked.

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