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What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics can be defined as the study of people in their working environment. An ergonomist designs or modifies the work environment to fit the employee. The goal is to eliminate discomfort and risk of injury due to work. Take a look at the video below to learn more about ergonomics and why it matters.

What is an Ergonomic Assessment? 

An ergonomic assessment evaluates a worker at their workstation to ensure proper body mechanics and workstation setup. During an ergonomic assessment, an ergonomist will evaluate a workspace's quality to reduce injuries due to uncomfortable postures, repetitive tasks, and straining of the body.

Leadership Tools

For leaders, there are several opportune times to address the need for an employee's workstation to fit their current needs:

  • Following reports of discomfort
  • Before and after a change in workstation furnishings
  • After an injury has occurred at home or in the office
  • After surgery
  • After an accommodation has been requested
  • After an accident

How to Request an Ergonomic Assessment

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