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Wellness Webinar Series

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ActiveHealth’s free online webinars are delivered through Cisco Webex event center.


Ready to make a few healthy changes this year? You can do it, and ActiveHealth® Management can help! Check out our Wellness Webinar Series and see how you can live well and feel better in 2019!

Webinars last about 45 minutes, and are offered three times a day: 10 AM ET, 12:30 PM ET, and 4:30 PM ET. Question and answer sessions are included.

Total Health, Total You

January 15 - Total health, total you

Most of us don’t realize how many different things affect our well-being. It’s not just what we eat or how much we exercise. Well-being also includes our jobs, money concerns, and family. Learn how to focus on all these areas and achieve greater wellness in your life.

Know Your Numbers

March 19 - Road to wellness: Know your numbers

Why are your biometric numbers important? What’s an ideal range? Learn more about these numbers and how you can manage your risk for conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

Make Your Workplace Work for You

May 21- Make your workplace work for you

How much do you sit during the day? You may not be able to fit in a full workout over your lunch break. But you can find ways to move, stretch, and help your posture during work. Learn how you can develop daily habits to make your workplace better for your health.

Go for your goals

July 16 - Go for your goals

How ready are you to make a healthy lifestyle change? To answer that question, you might first think about your values, motivations, strengths, support systems, and even the things that get in your way. Learn how you can develop a S.M.A.R.T. goal that makes sense and fits your life.

Fall in love with veggies

September 17 - Fall in love with veggies

Did you know that most Americans don't eat enough vegetables? If you're looking to improve your health, you might want to make veggies the star at every meal. Learn all the fun ways you can pump up flavor and add more veggies to your life.

Get the details on diabetes

November 26 - Get the details on diabetes

Diabetes is a serious condition that can impact the future of your health. The good news? Lifestyle changes can help prevent or manage this condition. Learn the basics about diabetes and what you can do about it.

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