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CareLink Mobile Critical Care Transport Services

CareLinkProvided at a physician’s request only, CareLink is an interfacility (hospital to hospital) mobile critical care and advanced life support transport service provided to qualified patients by the Cone Health System. 

Individuals who need ambulance services must call 911. If you need guidance on where to seek care, learn more about your options, including emergency care and urgent care. 

CareLink One Call Center 

Physician consultation services, healthcare providers, clinical and support staff may call the CareLink One Call Center at 800-898-7828

Our communications specialists assist with arranging critical care and advance life support transport for qualified patients. In addition, we mobilize patient care resources for certain time-sensitive diagnoses. Finally, we facilitate communication with physicians at the receiving hospital who will be coordinating patient care. 

About Our Transportation Services 

CareLink’s critical care and advance life support teams provide patient transport services between Cone Health hospitals, from Cone Health hospitals to other facilities and from other facilities to Cone Health hospitals. 

In general, the CareLink transport team serves a 150-mile radius from the Greensboro area with occasional patient transport services provided outside this service area, if resources are available. CareLink operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

Also, in disaster situations and upon availability, we assist Emergency Medical Services in Guilford and Rockingham counties. 

About the Patients We Serve 

Our CareLink transport team, which includes registered nurses, paramedics and emergency medical technicians, transports patients of all ages – from infants to older adults – experiencing a diverse range of illnesses and injuries which require physician-requested transport to another hospital. 

Our critical care transport services include a complete patient assessment, including pharmacologic support to patients with unstable blood pressure or related issues, including newborns and high risk obstetrical patients. Also, we provide medical interventions to stabilize patients and prevent complications. In addition, we provide care for patients requiring the use of ventilators, heated high flow nasal cannula, cardiac monitoring, a temporary pacemaker, LVAD, pressure line monitoring, central line maintenance, Impella, and/or intra-aortic balloon pump.