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Nuance Dragon PowerMic Mobile App

Nuance PowerMicPowerMic Mobile allows you to use your iPhone or Android smartphone as a secure wireless microphone for dictation. This application has been developed by Nuance for use with Dragon Medical One and gives clinicians the freedom to roam from workstation to workstation, room to room, and location to location to complete clinical documentation using a smartphone.


Download and install the PowerMic Mobile app to your smart phone.

iPhone Users ( requires iPhone 5 and iOS 8.0 or greater ):

App Store Download
Android Users (requires Android 4.0 or greater)

Google Play


Once you have downloaded the app, you will be asked to Add a Profile. Return to this page using your smartphone and click the button below for information on IOS and Android configuration.

Access the PowerMic Mobile Configuration links

Log in to Cone HealthLink and use the Nuance PowerMic Mobile App

After you have logged into Cone HealthLink, and chosen the Dragon Medical One activity button from your main toolbar, a pop up will appear. In the Microphone field, you will be given the choice to choose between the standard PowerMic or the Nuance PowerMic Mobile App.

If you need any assistance with installation or getting started with PowerMic Mobile, please refer to the PowerMic Mobile End User Guide or contact the help desk at 336-832-7242.