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Caring for the Hearts of Our Community

Heart and Vascular CareThere is only so much that we can do for our patients without the generosity of our donors. We depend on our donors to support so many of our heart and vascular lifesaving services.

Pure philanthropic gifts allow us to provide the latest diagnostic tools and advanced surgical procedures. They also support clinical trials and rehabilitation services to improve patient outcomes.

We are proud of our Heart & Vascular donor community that includes former patients and family members that want to pay it forward to the funding of our programs and for future patients. Others donate because our heart and vascular programs and funds are a valuable community asset that helps at all levels. We want our patients to “live well” outside of our care. We want our national reputation for excellence and our exceptional patient care to be available for everyone in the community.

We would love to talk with you more about the programs and special funds we have here at the Heart & Vascular Center. Please feel free to reach out to Ruth Heyd at 336.707.3134 or email Ruth at

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