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Family Medicine Residency: Overview

Our curriculum is designed to train residents to practice quality Family Medicine in a changing world. To do this, we emphasize those fundamental skills that are and will continue to be needed by all Family Physicians. At the same time, flexibility within the curriculum allows residents to pursue special interests.

The fundamental areas of our Family Medicine curriculum are comprehensive care, continuous care, ambulatory care, preventive care and care of patients of all ages. These skills are taught in both block and curricular experiences. For example, both Behavioral Medicine and Geriatrics have one-month blocks and longitudinal components.

Family Medicine Residency stethoscopeWe recognize residents need a balanced education. One example is the dynamic tension between inpatient and outpatient training. Given the trend of many family physicians to turn over inpatient care to hospitalists, we see the balance shifting toward more outpatient training. With a focus on quality initiatives and our embracing the model of the Patient-Centered Medical Home, our participation in a Next Generation ACO and an increasing focus on population health, we aim to provide state-of-the-art outpatient training. At the same time, we continue to provide strong inpatient training, which we believe provides essential skills for family physicians.

Many residents take advantage of the varied expertise of the faculty to pursue special areas of interest. We have a host of opportunities for in-depth training in areas such as sports medicine, obstetrics and international medicine. Our philosophy of encouraging diversity in training experiences allows our graduates to practice in a wide variety of settings.

Faculty members pride themselves in being excellent generalists and having special skills within Family Medicine. By serving as the attending physicians for many of the inpatient and outpatient months of the curriculum, we hope to be role models. Close contact with the faculty is a key element to successful integration of the diverse knowledge, skills, attitudes and values needed to practice Family Medicine.