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Professional Education and Training

  • Pharmacy Internship Program

Interested in applying for a pharmacy internship?

Visit the Cone Health Careers page to view and apply for open positions. (Look for Pharmacy Student Intern job listings for the tech intern positions or Clinical Pharmacy Student Intern job listings for these new intern positions.)

Pharmacy Internship Program

Now there’s a NEW way to be part of Cone Health’s Pharmacy Intern Program!

At Cone Health, there’s always been the opportunity for pharmacy students to work with us as pharmacy student interns. Starting in the fall of 2021, though, we are introducing a second type of intern: a Clinical Pharmacy Student Intern. These positions require a greater time commitment, but as schooling progresses they also expose interns to more aspects of hospital pharmacy, include increased responsibilities, and provide the opportunity to work more closely with pharmacists.

First-year (P1) pharmacy students are encouraged to apply for Clinical Pharmacy Student Intern positions with the hope that they’ll stay with Cone Health throughout the four years of pharmacy school. As their schooling and time with Cone Health progress, the interns will have access to increasingly more responsibility and hands-on exposure to the field.

Clinical Pharmacy Student Interns

  • Required to work a minimum of 16 hours every other weekend year-round and eight (8) hours each month during weekday hours. (Note that in P4 year, those minimum requirements drop to just 16 hours per month.)
  • Extra hours are available during all school breaks for interested interns.
  • Allocated 120 paid hours to use as they see fit (e.g., shadowing pharmacists or participating in projects or research), helping to customize their internship experience and give them the chance to delve into a particular area of interest within the field.
  • These positions are an especially good fit for first-year (P1) pharmacy students who are interested in pursuing a career in hospital pharmacy.
  • Right now, the Clinical Pharmacy Student Intern program can accommodate six (6) interns each year: two (2) at Wesley Long Hospital and four (4) at Moses Cone Hospital.

Pharmacy Student Interns

• Scheduled relief only (minimum 16 hours per month) and in similar roles as certified pharmacy technicians and focus on either, operations, medication histories or sterile products.
• Extra hours are available during all school breaks for interested interns.
• Not eligible for any paid hours for non-staffing activities.
• Number of positions varies.

If you have questions about the Pharmacy Intern Program, please contact Tom Pickering at