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Cone Health - Moses Cone Hospital

50th Pharmacy Residency Celebration

On Saturday, November 10, 2018 we invited current and former Cone Health pharmacy residents, preceptors, residency program directors, and their guests to our 50th anniversary of the Moses Cone Hospital PGY1 Pharmacy Residency Program. The celebration was a memorable one!

Who was there?

Class of 2019

Brooke Baggett, Erin Deja, Sabrina Dunham, Lindsey Foltanski, Austin Lucas, Jon Oriet, Shannon Parkey, Diana Raymond

Class of 2018

Renee Ackley, Apryl Anderson, Joe Arminger, Michael Bitonti, Katie Cook Weigle, Kenny Kang, Giang Le, Maggie Shuda, Emily Sinclair

Class of 2017

Kelsy Combs, Nick Gazda, Alyson Leonard, Cristy Patille, Caitlyn Simmons, Taylor Stone, Aubrey Jones

Class of 2016

Haley Baird, Nathan Batchelder, Stacey Hammer, Carly Kesler, Cassie Kuppelweiser, Ashley McCallister

Class of 2015

Kelley Auten, Nathan Cope, Erika Nicolsen, Alvin Oung, Radha Patel, Drew Wofford

Class of 2014

David Allen, Lauren Bajbus, James Ledford, Jessica Mack

Class of 2013

Jordan Smith, Kristina Sucic, Hannah Wang

Class of 2012

Mei Bell, Sarah Land, Elizabeth Martin, Amanda Runyon

Class of 2011

Cassie Boland, Mary Borgerding, Tiffany Dickey, Stacy Kautza, Jen Markle, Elizabeth McElreath

Class of 2010

Sally Earl, Patrick Grove, Jessica Millen, Catherine Oliver, Heather Ann Wier Weese 

Class of 2009

Megan Wheatley, Frank Wilson

Class of 2008

Veronda Bryk, Leslie Hamilton, Paul Lewis, Adam Peele

Class of 2007

Jessica Carney, Justine Maher, Meera Patel, Brandy Strickland Snyder, Tsz-Yin J. So

Class of 2006

Brandy Persson, Kristin Rebo

Class of 2005

Kimberly Hammons, LeAnn Norris, Michelle Turner

Class of 2004

Greg Abbott

Class of 2003

Frank Rigelsky, Crystal Stillinger Robertson, Charnette Fletcher

Class of 2002

Scott Pope, Ginna Tucker

Class of 2001

Brian Schuller, Anita Williams, Lisa Curran

Class of 2000

Ryan Kammer

Class of 1999

Michael Hayes, Erica Wands, Mary Herring Parker

Class of 1998

Patrick Cline

Class of 1997

Dawn Javino

Class of 1995

Steve Kearney, Peter Koval

Class of 1994

Lily Chang, Susan Schneider, Martha Shaffer, Colby Mitchell

Class of 1993

Radhika Avva Kothapalli

Class of 1992

Jim Mundy

Class of 1991

Aaron Burstein, Evelyn Fulmore

Class of 1990

Jim Radkowski, Vera Farkas Reinstein, Nomita Bajwa

Class of 1989

Beth Loftis Brusig, Philip Diaz

Class of 1987

Carlos da Camara

Class of 1986

Jay Groce, Michael Spivey

Class of 1985

Marty Costner, Theresa Egan, Kathleen Sullivan Petrizzi

Class of 1984

DeAnne Brooks, Page Pigg

Class of 1983

Eva Gallagher Darr

Class of 1982

Jim Hasspacher, David Meyer

Class of 1981

Gene Morse, Will Woodell

Class of 1980

Karl Donn, Bob Dupuis, Neil Rochette

Class of 1979

Mark Hohenwarter, Russ Myers, Kevin Pendleton

Class of 1978

Pat Hester, Andrea Rohrbacher, Steven Saxe

Class of 1977

Jackie Roh

Class of 1974

Jean Douglas

Class of 1975

Stephen Hipp

Class of 1972

Mickey League

Class of 1971

George Kirkpatrick

Class of 1970

Henry Hilliard

Cone Supporters

Randy Absher, Michelle Bell, Archie Bennett, Julie Cline, Julie Cooper, Judy Crouch, Thuy Dang, Dereck de Leon, Jennifer Durham, Mickey Foster, Jeremy Frens, Mary Ann Frens, Krisi Foulks, Peter Gal, Stuart Gordon, Robert Granko, Dan Green, Melissa Gujrati, Janis Hammett, Kevin Hansen, Mindy Holcombe, Lew Iacovelli, Alissa Johnson, Nita Johnston, Jennifer Kim, Michelle Lilliston, Toni Lindley, Melissa Maccia, Mike Maccia, Alison Masters, Rick McKinney, Dawn Pettus, Anh Pham, Minh Pham, Brian Romig, Molly Schneider, Bruce Swords, Jack Upton, Louise Vaughn, David Wheeler

History of the Program


In 1968, Moses Cone Hospital enrolled one resident in its first residency training class and the legacy continues today. Currently, the Cone Health Pharmacy Residency Programs have expanded to 17 residents across both PGY1 and PGY2 programs and remain one of the region's premier training programs.

To celebrate 50 years of pharmacy residency training excellence, we invite graduates of our training programs, current and past program directors, preceptors, and their guests to join us in Greensboro to celebrate our program's achievements.

Alumni Contact Form

Contact Information

To help us prepare and plan for this celebration, we are updating our residency alumni database. Please fill out the survey in the link below with your current contact information if you are an alumnus of our PGY1 program.

Update your contact information here!

This page will continuously be updated with information about the upcoming events. Please like us on Facebook to get updates about the event and our program!