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Current PGY2 Residents

Michael Bitonti

Michael Bitonti, PharmD, BCPS

PGY2 Cardiology

Moses Cone Memorial Hospital

Education: Eshelman School of Pharmacy; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Hometown: Elon, North Carolina

Residency Research: Implementation of a low, fixed-dose Kcentra protocol for urgent warfarin reversal

Practice Interests: Cardiovascular Critical Care, Heart Failure

Why Residency?: I chose Moses Cone for my PGY2 so that I could train alongside cardiologists who sincerely value the impact of pharmacists. The pharmacy department is highly integrated into the Heart and Vascular Center, and our cardiology pharmacists are extremely well-trained and experienced. I knew Moses Cone would challenge me to develop into a highly competent specialist in cardiovascular pharmacotherapy.


Victoria Forrest

Victoria Forrest, PharmD

PGY2 Pediatrics

Cone Health Women's Hospital

Education: Eshelman School of Pharmacy; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Hometown: Lexington, North Carolina

Residency Research:Diuretics use in neonates

Practice Interests: Pediatrics, Neonatology, Emergency Medicine

Why Residency: I chose to do a second year of residency, because I wanted to focus my career on a specific patient population. Neonatology became one of my passions as this patient population has entirely different pharmacokinetics/dynamics compared to adults or even pediatric patients. Furthermore, the scant amount of primary literature in this field proves to be an interesting challenge in pharmacotherapy management as well as provides ample opportunities for research.


Maggie Shuda

Maggie Shuda, PharmD, BCPS

PGY2 Ambulatory Oncology

Cone Health Cancer Center

Education: University of Wisconsin

Hometown: Monroe, Wisconsin

Residency Research: Infusion-related reactions with antibody therapy and role of test dosing

Practice Interests: Malignant Hematology

Why Residency: I was initially drawn to Cone Health because of the wonderful people, progressive pharmacy, and emphasis on high-touch patient care, and this holds true at the Cone Health Cancer Center. For future careers, oncology/hematology pharmacy is a rapidly growing field, and Cone Health’s PGY2 offers the opportunity to be on the forefront of it. I really enjoy working with all of my preceptors, other healthcare professionals, and the patients!


Emily Sinclair

Emily Sinclair, PharmD, BCPS

PGY2 Infectious Disease

Moses Cone Memorial Hospital

Education: West Virginia University

Hometown: Fairmont, West Virigina

Residency Research: Combating the use of anti-pseudomonal antibiotics to treat cellulitis through a physician-specific feedback program

Practice Interests: HIV/Hepatitis, Academia, Antimicrobial Stewardship

Why Residency: I chose to pursue a second year of residency in Infectious Disease in order to continue to develop my knowledge-base in my areas of interest and pursue opportunities in both leadership and academia. I chose Cone because of the plethora of opportunities in both the inpatient and outpatient settings as well as the inclusive atmosphere.


Caroline Welles

Caroline Welles, PharmD, BCPS

PGY2 Ambulatory Care

Triad Healthcare Network

Education: Eshelman School of Pharmacy; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Hometown: Oriental, North Carolina

Residency Research: Quality performance and financial implications of integrating a pharmacist in a primary care clinic

Practice Interests: Diabetes, Heart Failure, Population Health, Cardiovascular Risk Reduction, Behavioral Health

Why Residency: My interests in pharmacy practice are broad but mobilizing to all of my work are genuine human connections and individualized approaches to problem solving. Through empathy and creativity, my goal is to implement optimized therapeutic plans alongside other healthcare providers to improve patient outcomes. I saw an Ambulatory Care PGY2 as a necessary, not optional, step in my career development in order to reach my central goal. As accountable care organizations take a fresh look at population health and widespread quality improvement, I saw a residency at Triad HealthCare Network (THN) partnered with Cone Health as an ideal opportunity. Accountable care organizations have finally given us financial justification to think outside the box and DO THE RIGHT THING for our patients. I could not be more proud to receive multidisciplinary training at THN and Cone Health where creativity is encouraged and all are eager to jump in to solve any problem.