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Current PGY2 Residents

Kelsy Combs

Kelsy Combs, PharmD

PGY2 Ambulatory Care

Triad Healthcare Network

Education: Eshelman School of Pharmacy; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Asheville Campus)

Hometown: Crumpler, North Carolina

Residency Research: Quality Performance and Financial Implications of Integrating a Pharmacist in a Primary Care Clinic

Why Residency?: I chose Triad HealthCare Network (THN) because of the opportunity to train in an innovative health care delivery model. Being part of an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) is a unique feature to the residency program at THN compared to other ambulatory care PGY2 programs. I felt this was an opportunity to further develop myself as a pharmacist and also to learn how pharmacists can be integrated into an evolving healthcare system.


Aubrey Jones

Aubrey Jones, PharmD

PGY2 Cardiology

Moses Cone Memorial Hospital

Education: University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Hometown: Norman, Oklahoma

Residency Research: Heparin optimization in the cardiac catheterization lab in patients with ACS undergoing radial PCI

Practice Interests: Cardiology


Jones AN, Markle JS, Cooper M. Heparin monotherapy versus bivalirudin in patients with acute coronary syndrome undergoing radial percutaneous coronary intervention. Expected American Journal of Hospital Pharmacists (In-progress). [Original Research]

Jones AN, Schwier N, Scalese M. A Review of the Pharmacotherapy of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. Expected Pharmacotherapy (In-progress).


Jones AN, Bartlett JW, Bates RA, So T. Primary Immunization of Human Papillomavirus Vaccine in the Pediatric Population – What is the Verdict Now? Clin Pediatr (Phila) 2017 Jun;56(7):605-615. [Review Article]

Jones AN, Golding CL, Hagemann TM, Miller JL, Lewis TV, Owora AH, Peek L, Johnson PN. Identification and evaluation of unrounded medication does in a children’s hospital. J Pediatr Pharmacol Ther 2017;22(4):286–292. [Original Research]

Van Tuyl JS, Jones AN, Johnson PN. Meropenem-induced neutropenia in a neonate. J Pediatr Pharmacol Ther 2016;21(4):353–357. [Case Report]

Why Residency: Moses Cone’s residency program builds on the doctor of pharmacy program and creates a supportive environment conducive to developing the skills necessary to become a successful clinical pharmacist. In addition to the development of a strong clinical foundation, I will also improve my research, mentoring, public speaking, leadership, and teaching skills. I choose Moses Cone because it was so welcoming! I felt I would be able to excel in a program that offered both a friendly environment and commitment of program leadership.


Giang Le

Giang Le, PharmD

PGY2 Neonatology

Women's Hospital of Greensboro

Education: Howard
University College of Pharmacy

Hometown: Beltsville, Maryland

Residency Research: Practice Improvement and Protocol Driver Practice Initiatives

Practice Interests: Neonatology

Why Residency: Pediatric
lectures were underrepresented in pharmacy school, but I have always been curious about disease states and the therapeutic options in this population. I had very positive experience at Children’s National Health System in Washington, DC as a student and wanted to pursue residency in Pediatrics after graduation. Upon my completion of a PGY1 residency at Holy Cross Hospital, I staffed full time in the NICU and decided to specialize in Neonatology. The PGY2 Neonatology at Cone Health Women’s Hospital presents unique opportunities to practice in a NICU (the only program in the nation). Thus, this training led to specialization and would contribute to my lifelong career goals.


Alyson Leonard

Alyson Leonard, PharmD

PGY2 Ambulatory Oncology

Cone Health Cancer Center

Education: University of South Carolina

Hometown: Rock Hill, South Carolina

Residency Research: Pharmacogenetic analysis of toxicities related to administration of paclitaxel/docetaxel in breast cancer patients

Practice Interests: Outpatient malignant hematology and breast cancer


Leonard AN, Randy A, Sabat C, Mack J. Impacting vancomycin overutilization by changing the febrile neutropenia order set. [HOPA Abstract 2017]

Leonard AN, Love BL, Norris LB, Siddiqui SK, Wallam MN, Bennet CL. Screening for viral hepatitis prior to rituximab chemotherapy. Ann Hematol. 2016 Jan;95(1):27-33. DOI 10.1007/s00277-015-2502-0. Epub 2015 Sep 18

Leonard AN, Love BL, Norris LB. Summary of: Screening for viral hepatitis prior to rituximab chemotherapy. Atlas of Science. 2015 Sep 30.

Why Residency: I value Cone's long standing history of training residents! The scope of practice for pharmacists here at Cone health is unparalleled compared to other programs. The physicians and other providers are also very open to pharmacist input on patient care!


Taylor Stone

Taylor Stone, PharmD

PGY2 Infectious Disease

Moses Cone Memorial Hospital

Education: University of South Carolina (Columbia, SC)

Hometown: Manchester, NH

Residency Research: Curbing the Use of Unnecessary UTI Screening and Antibiotic Use in the Emergency Department

Practice Interests: Infectious Disease

Why Residency: I decided to do a residency because I wanted to continue to expand my clinical knowledge. Here at Cone, I have the ability to see many different patient populations and develop a solid foundation for general knowledge. When I complete my PGY2 in infectious disease, I would like to eventually be involved in academia.