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Published on December 18, 2012

2012 Cancer Center Community Outreach Activity

During 2012, Alamance Regional held twelve Understanding Cancer programs.  There were a total of 232 community members enrolled; 70 were new enrollees.  There were a total of 156 attendees.  Ninety-five percent of attendees indicated that the speaker was excellent and 96 percent of attendees indicated that they would use Alamance Regional services in the future based on these programs.

In May 2012, Alamance Regional held a skin cancer screening.  Seventy-three people were screened by local dermatologists. Thirty-eight of the participant’s screenings were normal; twenty-five were referred for follow up with dermatologist, and ten had a biopsy with a follow up recommended.

In September 2012, Alamance Regional held a prostate cancer screening.  One hundred and seventy-two men were screened.  There were 153 participants that had a normal PSA result; 9 were at the high end of normal; and 10 had high results.  Occult Blood (feces) had 6 negative returns.

Letters were sent to each participant with a copy of their PSA and/or Hemocult test results.  Depending on the results of the PSA, the men were instructed to call their primary care physicians or a urologist.  Lists of local physicians were included for those that may not have a primary care physician or urologist on record.  Cancer Center contact information was also available for those that may have questions.

Programs designed to educate the public about cancer awareness and prevention are also planned for 2013.  Understanding Cancer is held the first Tuesday of every month, and cancer screenings are planned throughout the year.  For more information on our prevention and wellness programs, check the calendar section of our website or call our LiveWell Line at 586-4000.

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