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About Us

We provide thorough evaluations, consultations, treatments and procedures for a wide variety of women’s health issues, including preventive health care. From physicians and physician assistants to certified nurse midwives and nurse practitioners, our providers are available at our practices located throughout the community, meeting you right where you are.

Pregnant PatientTestimonials

We know it’s helpful to hear from others when it comes to choosing the right practice for you. Here’s what some of our patients had to say about their experience at Cone Health Center for Women’s Healthcare…

 “I've been coming since 2017 and I brag so much to friends and family to visit them. They treat you like you’re family and not just a patient. When you leave, you feel better about you.”

“I felt like I was talking to a mother or friend, sharing my story of being discouraged and thinking I couldn't conceive. She gave me hope and is helping me get close to my destiny. I'm grateful for the love and concern I receive here!”

“They listened carefully to my wants and needs.”

“I love coming here! All of the staff is friendly and talk with you.”

“They’re always willing to listen and help problem solve.”

“From the front desk to the doctor’s visit, I felt really comfortable in the office.”

The Lowest C-Section Rate In The Area

  • Our C-section rate in 2020: 13%
  • The national benchmark C-section rate: 23.9%

We’re proud of our extremely low C-section rate, which draws many patients to our practice. We enjoy working with all women who want to avoid a C-section*, including moms-to-be who have had a C-section in the past and are looking to achieve a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean).

Cone Health Center for Women’s Healthcare philosophies that contribute to our low C-section rate include:

  • We follow the evidence instead of the outdated labor curve. We recognize that every woman’s labor is different, and we implement different methods before deciding labor isn’t productive.
  • We have 24-hour in-house physicians and certified nurse midwives (not at home or on call).
  • We spend lots of time during prenatal appointments talking with our patients about their birth goals, what to expect, our approach to labor and delivery, etc. – not a statement I think I can stretch to all providers
  • We have several options available to support labor, including waterbirth and nitrous oxide**.

*For patients who do require a C-section, know that our providers are able to perform them with experience and skill.

**Waterbirth and nitrous oxide currently following COVID protocols.

Proud Participants In The North Carolina Perinatal Nurse Champion Program

The leadership team at Cone Health Center for Women’s Healthcare spearheaded the application for this grant, which will help hospitals all across our region (both Cone Health and otherwise – 19 in total) identify gaps in maternal care. A dedicated RN (the Perinatal Nurse Champion) who works closely with us, will help these 19 hospitals to get resources and training needed to fill those gaps, elevating care across our region.

Our involvement in this program is just one piece in the puzzle as we work to address equity in maternal health across our community.

We’re Working Hard To Address Disparities In Maternal Health

UltrasoundWe know prenatal care is critical not just for moms and babies, but for our community as a whole. Lack of access to prenatal care coupled with a lack of care for the family unit as a whole are key social determinants of health and can lead to complications that can impact mothers and babies far beyond pregnancy and birth

This issue is, unfortunately, becoming more and more relevant here in our backyard. North Carolina currently ranks among the bottom fifth nationally for low birth weight, and infant mortality rates in Guilford County are only increasing.

We believe in investing in prenatal care and early childhood support, knowing that means new moms benefit from a healthy pregnancy and their babies benefit from a healthy start to life.

Together – with help from generous donors, community partners and unique services like remote pregnancy monitoring – we can help give all moms and babies a brighter future.

“Someone shouldn’t be prevented from having a good birth or health outcome based on an external factor like race, income or insurance.” -Walidah Karim-Rhoades, DNP, RN, CNM, Director of the Center for Women’s Healthcare.

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