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CHMG HeartCare offers customized care through specialized clinics to better serve our patients. Our doctors will recommend outpatient care with one of our clinics depending upon the cardiovascular needs of the patient.

Anticoagulation Clinic

We are focused on aiding patients with their anti-clotting medications and work diligently to keep them safe from complications. As patients are prescribed medications to reduce chances of stroke or blood clots (such as Coumadin®, Warfarin, Pradaxa®, Xarelto®, or Eliquis®), we monitor and assess health issues to reduce unwanted reactions.

During each visit to the clinic, patients will be counseled for:

  • Understanding of their medication therapy.
  • Any complications associated with prescribed medications.
  • Newly started or recently discontinued medications that may alter therapy.
  • Dietary changes that may affect blood levels.
  • Other issues that may alter medication dosing.

Based on these results, each patient will receive individualized verbal and written dosing recommendations to assist with their ease of use.

Advanced Heart Failure Clinic

As heart failure continues to grow and affect millions nationally, our goal is to educate patients regarding quality of life and quality of care. Our Advanced Heart Failure Clinic exists to improve our patient’s quality of life and help them avoid unnecessary hospital admissions.

We offer advanced treatment options and identify patients who may be candidates for heart transplants or mechanical circulatory support (MCS) devices that provide additional solutions for patients with weakened hearts.

Led by our certified heart failure cardiologists, Dr. Daniel Bensimhon and Dr. Dalton McLean, our multidisciplinary team provides holistic individualized patient care. We address all aspects of our patient’s wellbeing and educate them on necessary diet and lifestyle changes, vital to their success.

We are available to see patients Monday through Friday in our outpatient clinic located in the Heart and Vascular Center on the Moses Cone Hospital campus. We offer convenient parking options, including complimentary valet parking.

A patient’s physician may refer them to the Advanced Heart Failure Clinic for any of the below conditions:

  • Anyone who is discharged from the hospital with a primary diagnosis of heart failure and who doesn’t have a seven-day follow-up appointment with their primary care physician or cardiologist.
  • Patients with new onset severe heart failure/cardiomyopathy.
  • Patients who need close titration of their heart failure medications.
  • Patients who would benefit from extra heart failure education and close follow-up.
  • Patients with advanced heart failure who may be candidates for mechanical circulatory support placement or transplants.
  • Patients with pulmonary hypertension.

Advanced Hypertension Clinic

We offer care for patients who have hard-to-control hypertension. We are here to help get to the root of patients’ high blood pressure issues and to get their blood pressure under control.

Our holistic team of physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, social workers and health coaches work together to come up with personalized care plans for each patient, including medication adjustments (when appropriate) as well as lifestyle changes. Learn More.

Lipid Clinic

The Lipid Clinic with Cone Health Medical Group HeartCare works to determine optimal therapy plans with dietary, exercise and medication management to help our patients reach their individualized goals and reduce lipids (unhealthy cholesterols).

With extensive training in pharmacology and lipid disorders, Our Doctors of Pharmacy provide the latest treatments for each patient based on past medical history, current cardiovascular risks, previous medication intolerances and patient preferences. Our pharmacists work closely with the LeBauer Cardiovascular Research Foundation by participating in clinical trials related to lipid lowering medications.

As needed, our advanced laboratory and non-laboratory testing services are available to develop individualized treatment plans that may include medications, over the counter therapies and lifestyle changes. Learn more.

Medication Therapy Management Clinic

Cone Health Medical Group HeartCare is pleased to provide our patients with access to Doctors of Pharmacy. These pharmacists have specialized training in complex medication management.

Patients taking at least 5 different medications or those that suffer from 3 or more chronic diseases are eligible to schedule an appointment with the medication therapy clinic. Upon reviewing their medication lists, our pharmacists will advise therapeutic effectiveness, therapeutic duplication and any additional therapies to aid well being.

By partnering with OutcomesMTM®, these services may be provided at no cost to qualifying patients.


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