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Frequently Asked Questions about Inpatient Rehabilitation

What should I bring to the Inpatient Rehabilitation Center?

Help make your or your loved one’s stay at the Cone Health Inpatient Rehabilitation Center as comfortable as possible by bringing the right clothing, toiletries and personal items. Please label all items with the patient’s name. Click here to learn what to pack

What are admission requirements for the Inpatient Rehabilitation Center?

Click here for details on the admissions process for the Inpatient Rehabilitation Center

What can I expect inpatient rehabilitation to look like?

You will see a rehabilitation physician daily, typically in the morning, as you start therapy. You and your family are encouraged to ask questions and discuss any concerns you might have about your medical care or the rehabilitation program with the physician or physician assistant who provide 24-hour coverage of the rehabilitation center.

Therapy Schedule 

You will have an individualized therapy program that will include physical therapy, occupational therapy and possibly speech/language pathology, recreational therapy, and neuropsychology. Most sessions will be one-on-one, while other sessions may be held in a group setting. While the number of therapy sessions you have each day will depend on your special needs, you typically will receive at least three hours of therapy five days a week. Therapy programming may be modified on the weekend. Therapy services are available from 7 a.m. until dinner time. You will be scheduled for therapy sessions throughout the day. In addition, your schedule may include rest breaks. Your schedule will be posted in your room daily. 

Team Conferences 

Your treatment team meets weekly to discuss your progress, set goals, review potential barriers to your rehabilitation progress and plan your discharge date. Results and follow up from the team conference are discussed with patients and families by the social worker. 


Education is an important part of the rehabilitation program. Caregivers and close family members are encouraged to attend therapy sessions with you to offer support and learn how to help you at home. Your social worker will work with you to schedule these sessions. 

You also will receive a personal “Health Resource Notebook” that contains: 

  • A checklist to help you identify your own educational needs. 
  • Information on how to advocate for yourself with healthcare professionals, such as tips on talking with your doctor to get the most out of your appointment.
  • Information materials about your condition.

Can my family visit me?

Immediate family (spouse, parents, children, significant others) and caregivers may visit at any time to observe therapy or participate in family education. Visitation from extended family and friends should not interfere with your therapy schedule and rehab recovery process. 

What does the discharge process look like?

Discharge planning begins at or before the time of admission. Work closely with our transition of care team to plan for and coordinate discharge so you or your loved one experiences a seamless transition home or to another level of care. 

The majority of our patients experience a planned discharge after achieving their rehabilitation goals. However, you also may leave the program if you become ill, are unable to make progress toward your goals or decline to participate.

What are Cone Health’s Inpatient Rehabilitation quality outcomes?

Please visit this Medicare page to see how Cone Health’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Center compares to other options in the area.  You can also reference the scorecards for each of our programs.

What is CARF Accreditation?

CARFCARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) is an independent, nonprofit accreditor of health & human services. CARF accreditation signals a service provider’s commitment to continually improving services, encouraging feedback & serving the committee. 

What are accommodations offered (e.g., meals, wifi and TV)?

Nutrition is an important part of your overall care. Our award-winning food team prepares menus with a wide selection of nutritious and delicious foods that meet your dietary needs.  Your physician determines your diet for you, and our culinary team will work within these guidelines to offer you meal choices. Before bringing in food items from outside of the hospital, speak with the nurse first to make sure you are allowed to eat food from outside the hospital. We make every effort to honor special dietary observances for patients upon request. Please ask your nurse to contact the registered dietitian if you have special dietary restrictions.

Television service is available at no charge in all patient rooms. Closed captioning is available on major network channels.

Cone Health offers free wireless Internet at all its locations. You can connect your device by selecting the “guest” network. Your device should connect automatically. Cone Health restricts certain websites and a restriction notice will appear to alert you that the website is restricted.

What precautions and adjustments are being made within Inpatient Rehabilitation during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Here at Cone Health, and within our Inpatient Rehabilitation department, we are taking extra precautions during the Covid-19 pandemic. We have modified our treatment spaces to accommodate for social distancing, all our staff are required to wear masks and face guards (and patients are required to wear masks as well), all treatments are individual and we’ve put visitor restrictions in place to help keep everyone safe.

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Contact Us

Need to get in touch with the Inpatient Rehabilitation Center? Please use the below information to reach out based on the information you need:

  • For referral/admission: contact Admission Coordinators at (336) 832-8153
  • To make a donation: contact Cone Health Philanthropy at (336) 832-9450 or donate online.
  • For all other questions: contact Don Huston, Rehabilitation Administrator at (336) 832-7545