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Inpatient Rehabilitation Patient Success Stories

We love celebrating with patients who have successfully made it through our Inpatient Rehabilitation Center! Here are just a handful of the hundreds of success stories we have to share.

Garey Lamb

Garey Lam

In June of 2020, Garey Lam was in a car accident resulting in multiple injuries, including to his back and ankle, as well as a traumatic brain injury. After multiple surgeries, he was admitted into Cone Health’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Center in July, where he began speech, physical and occupational therapy. After having to relearn everything from balance to walking with a walker to eat regular food to regaining communication and memory skills, Garey was able to go home in September. 

Mark Tho

Mark Tho

Mark contracted COVID-19 in July of 2020 and suffered complications from the virus. After spending several weeks on a ventilator and undergoing medical interventions to save his life, he was in need of rehab and was transferred to Cone Health Inpatient Rehabilitation Center in September. 

Initially, it required 2-3 people to assist with getting him out of bed and he was unable to stand without lift equipment. He continued to work on standing and pushing himself daily working daily with OT and PT. After almost 4 weeks to the day of coming to rehab and several months of being in the hospital, Mark was finally able to go home to his family on October 24, 2020. He is now able to get himself dressed, get to and from a chair by himself, and has been making great progress with walking. 

He says of his time here: “This rehabilitation is fantastic! I wouldn’t be where I am today without you all!” 

Patrick Helm

Patrick Helm

Patrick suffered a large stroke to the right side of his brain in September of 2020 and, after spending time in the intensive care unit, was moved to Cone Health Inpatient Rehabilitation Center. When he entered the rehabilitation center, he wasn’t able to move the left side of his body at all and needed help with simple tasks like sitting up in bed. 

Pat and the Inpatient Rehabilitation team worked hard for nearly six weeks on speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy, and their efforts paid off: Pat was able to go home. During his time at the Inpatient Rehabilitation Center, Pat learned to stand, to move his left arm again and to walk using a walker. He went from not being able to move his left side at all to being able to grasp items with his left hand and move his left leg to take steps. 

James Gordon

James Gordon was paralyzed from the waist down while practicing Judo in February of 2018, and later that month he began his inpatient rehabilitation journey with the goal to walk again before returning home. 

“I was pushed and tested to limits that made me uncomfortable and that were beyond my limitations. The OT/PT staff were relentless and never allowed me to waiver from my goal and commitment to walk out of here. The nursing staff provided encouragement and support beyond measure on the days when I was emotionally beat and sleepless nights. On March 16, 2018, I walked out of the rehabilitation center.”

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