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We exist for all women, regardless of age, life stage, insurance status or ability to pay. We’re proud to support women when it comes to their choices in labor and birth and women’s care, and offer services to support everyone who comes to us for care as a whole person.

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There are eight Cone Health Center for Women’s Healthcare locations around the Triad and beyond to serve you. Click on a location to learn more about specific services, providers, address information and contact details for each.

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Featured Health Services


  • Tailored prenatal care
  • Family planning services (including IUD, birth control pills and injections, and tubal ligations)
  • Choices with birth and labor to help support patients with those decisions
  • Nitrous oxide (i.e., “laughing gas”) and waterbirth during labor
  • Full access to midwifery care every day
  • Breastfeeding consultations and support
  • Access to integrated behavioral health
  • Babyscripts (remote monitoring of pregnancies via app-based program) and other digital, educational resources
  • Evidence-based care (resulting in the lowest c-section rate in our area)
  • Well Women exams, including breast exams and pap smears
  • Specialized OB/GYN procedures/surgeries, including robotics and c-sections when needed
  • Menopausal services
  • Access to the providers who staff the maternity assessment unit
  • Transgender and non-binary healthcare providers
  • A 24-hour in-house backup provider
  • COMING SOON!: Mom Baby Dyad Model of Care to offer comprehensive family care for both mother and baby starting at baby’s birth and going up to when the baby is 5 years old
  • COMING SOON!: CenteringPregnancy prenatal care model, allowing moms-to-be to meet within small groups with other people who have similar due dates for added layers of support and connection throughout pregnancy

In addition to GYN care offered during the pre-puberty and post-menopausal period, many women choose us as their provider during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.


Interested in financially supporting Cone Health Center for Women’s Healthcare? (We’re so grateful for any contribution you’re able to make!) Click here for more information about the donation process.