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Published on December 30, 2021

Active in winter3 Tips to Stay Active This Winter

When it starts getting colder and the sun disappears earlier, you may start to feel a little, well… sluggish. The mornings and evenings are dark and chilly, and your bed is cozy and warm. It’s tempting to stay nestled under your covers.

Hibernating for several months isn’t an option, though. To keep you running, here are three tips to staying energetic this winter.

Set a consistent wake-up time

Sleeping in on the weekends sounds great, but your body will thank you for getting up around the same time every day. You’ll feel more alert, more productive, and less irritable. Soaking up some morning sunshine also helps set your circadian rhythm, so you fall asleep easier at night.

If you need some help getting into the sleep schedule habit, try these tricks:

  • Stay positive about the wake-up regimen. Negative thoughts can derail your efforts.
  • Program your thermostat to warm things up an hour before you wake. If the air isn’t cold, it’s easier to throw back the covers.
  • Skip the snooze button. Hit the ground running the first time your alarm goes off.

Get moving

Feeling tired? Grab a glass of water or walk around to jump start your energy level. A quick 5-minute walk can give you the added “umph” you need. Aim to stretch your legs six times a day. That might sound like a lot. But it’s only 30 minutes, and you can work it into things you already do.

Here’s an idea – go the long way to the bathroom when you’re on break. Take an extra lap around the office or step outside for some fresh air. It’s easier than you think to turn a 2-minute bathroom break into 5 minutes of deliberate re-charging.

Buddy up!

Making changes is always easier with a partner. By nature, humans are “pack animals.” We like doing things together. So, find a friend or co-worker who’s looking to stay more active during the winter months, too. Swapping success stories about waking up on time and getting your steps in can keep you both motivated. Your buddy could also become a gym partner if you decide to take your activities to a warmer setting.

Staying vibrant and alert during the winter doesn’t require making a lot of changes. If you follow these three tips, you’ll have more energy to fully enjoy the colder months.

About the Author

Carly BuehlerCarly Buehler is the manager of health and fitness at Cone Health in Greensboro. She is a certified personal trainer who received her degree in movement and exercise science from the University of Northern Iowa. With six years of experience in fitness management, nine in personal training, and eight in group exercise, she brings significant expertise to Sagewell Health & Fitness

3 Tips to Stay Active This Winter