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Published on May 24, 2010

Health System makes nearly $140 million impact on communities it serves

Moses Cone Health System provided $125.4 million (at cost) in uncompensated care during the 2009 fiscal year which ended Sept. 30. Uncompensated care is charity care, bad debt and the shortfall between what government pays for healthcare through Medicare and Medicaid and what it actually costs. This figure is nearly $15 million higher than the previous year.

That number and others demonstrating the impact Moses Cone Health System has on the communities it serves is included in the 2010 Report to our Communities available online at

“I’m very proud that in spite of the economy, Moses Cone Health System has been able to provide care to large numbers of people who couldn’t afford it and still provide screenings, education and training to our community,” says Craven Williams, Chairman of the Moses Cone Health System Board of Trustees. “It’s a terrific accomplishment in tough times.”

The report is a compilation of ways Moses Cone Health System impacts the community from the number of people receiving health education and support (28,292) to what was spent training and educating healthcare professionals ($7,833,265).

"We would like for people to be fully aware of the impact Moses Cone Health System has on the communities we serve," Tim Rice, President and CEO, says. "We train. We educate. We really play a role far beyond just caring for you when you are sick."

The report puts the Health Systems impact on the community at $139,915,155. That’s $8.27 million more than FY ’08.

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