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Published on April 25, 2011

Cone Health Cancer Center invited to join research group

The Cone Health Cancer Center has become the first cancer center in the Carolinas to join the Accelerated Clinical Oncology Research Network (ACORN).

“Being an ACORN site allows us to have a much larger menu of potential trials to offer patients, especially trials in early development,” says Vivian Sheidler, Manager, Clinical Research, Cone Health Cancer Center. “This is another way in which the Cone Health Cancer Center expands treatment options and provides the highest quality care for our patients.”

ACORN is a by-invitation-only group of 18 community cancer research facilities. More than 150 oncologists are part of the group. ACORN chooses sites with high quality research programs. The programs use the same standards, saving pharmaceutical and other companies wanting to conduct clinical trials the time of making sure that facilities can conduct the trials in the necessary manner.

“By having the additional trials – and a large menu of them – it increases the chances that people will get to stay close to home while undergoing treatment,” says Dr. Peter Rubin, oncologist and principal investigator, Cone Health Cancer Center. “That’s important because, while medications are often free in trials, other costs such as travel aren’t.”

The Cone Health Cancer Center will still offer many National Cancer Center and other pharmaceutical trials.

“Our patients are the real heroes,” Sheidler says. “They are the ones who contribute to making care better down the line.”

On average, 40 clinical cancer trials are ongoing at Cone Health Cancer Center.

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