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Published on May 24, 2012

Annie Penn Hospital Plans $7.7 Million Renovation Project

Annie Penn Hospital plans to renovate its intensive care and main patient care areas. The hospital has asked for state permission to begin the $7.7 million project. If approval is granted, work would start in March 2013 and be finished in September 2014.

“Renovating our patient rooms and intensive care unit is another way we are providing exceptional care to our patients at Annie Penn Hospital,” says Mickey Foster, President, Annie Penn Hospital. “The architects and construction team have worked very closely with our nurses and administration to design rooms that will be equipped with the most advanced technology allowing our staff to provide unrivaled care to our patients.”

The 12 intensive care/step down rooms will feature a new wallboard where oxygen, electricity and communications plugs for equipment will be placed. These ports will allow medical staff to hook up medical equipment more quickly and efficiently without having to move the patient. The wallboards will also feature storage so that cables, tubes and other pieces of equipment can be placed out of sight.

The 27 patient rooms being renovated will have redesigned bathrooms to allow patients to get in and out easier. Sinks will be moved into the rooms, which will make it more convenient for visitors and staff to wash their hands when entering the room. The décor of each room will be brown, blue and gold to give a more warm and relaxing feel.

“Healthcare was delivered very differently when these units were built in the 1980s.” Foster says. “Today care is very dependent on technology.

These renovations will make it easier for us to use the technology we need to provide the ever higher quality of care we want to give our patients.”

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